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Emerald Dream
Earthspear Clan

A small scream can be heard in the distance. The sound of pure terror. In an instant the night goes quiet. The peacefulness returns once again to to the forest. The forests come alive with the sounds of night-dwellers. The chattering of insects and the howl of the wolf make the land seem almost complete.

And through this forest comes the Earthspear Clan. Long ago the Earthspear Clan was a proud group of Shu'halo that roamed the Barrens, keeping their distance from the centaurs. They lived off the land, and were provided for by the Earthmother.

But times have changed. The orc landing in Kalimdor brought the vile humans to the shores of what was once a peaceful place. With Thrall's help, the Shu'halo made a home in Mulgore, but with that came the allegiance to the Horde. The Earthspear Clan faded away. Forever, so it seemed.

But with the Grimtotem's attack on Thunder Bluff, the Earthspear Clan was revived. Founded by Ciqala Earthspear, led in peace by Takota Earthspear, the Clan now follows Machik Earthspear into war. What was once a Clan of Shu'halo, is now a family to all the Horde that wish to protect the land from the alliance scum.

Machik stood tall in Bloodhoof Village, with the Clan surrounding him at the fire.

“Friends, continue to search for those that wish to assist us. For the fight is not finished, and the help is needed.”

And so ask yourself, do you have what it takes to join the Earthspear Clan?



Ciqala Earthspear was taught in the shamanistic ways of his forefathers. Though his family were all hunters and nomads, they could not forget that the Earth Mother brought them to life. His father and mother were killed by centaurs in the Barrens, but even with that tragedy, Ciqala grew strong among his tribe. As he aged, he struck out on his own to explore and document the land. He protected the innocent life that roamed throughout Azeroth.

With the shattering, Ciqala was called home, and witness the death of Cairne and the destruction by Magatha. From the surviving Tauren, he started the Earthspear Clan. Due to both their shamanistic ways, and their assistance in driving Magatha out, Ciqala welcomed those orcs who chose to be affiliated with the Earthspear Clan.

But it was not long before Ciqala realized that he was not fully prepared to lead the Clan. He needed to go on a spiritual journey to find his way. But who was to lead the Clan while he was gone? The Earthmother would provide a leader, and she did. Takota, his brother, thought lost to the centaurs, showed up in Thunder Bluff one early morning. It was a suprise that would prove beneficial. For Takota would become the new Chief. As Chief, Takota led the Earthspear through a growing process, gaining members and making their presence known. But Takota was too peaceful to lead them successfully for long in this war. And so recently, Machik has been granted the title of Chief, and has starting recruiting all warriors of the Horde.

Earthspear Clan Goals

The goal of the guild is to provide Emerald Dream with a Tauren and Orc philosphy-based Heavy-RP guild. Tauren and Orcs share many beliefs and compliment each other very well. There will be a combination of storyline RP and improvisational RP. We have opened up recruiting to all races, believing their assistance in the war against the alliance is needed. We also never wish to turn away experienced RPers, which is the reasoning behind opening the guild to any race. The ranking system allows members to focus on the area that they wish, be it RP, PvP, or PvE. Having said that, understand that RP is our focus, and so we will never be a progression raiding guild. In that statement, if you are looking for high end progression, this may not be the guild for you. But if you are interested in having a lot of fun while you do your PvP and PvE, we may be what you are looking for.

Members will be expected to partake in the RP elements, with the knowledge the real life comes first. We will be a family friendly guild. This means we will not tolerate any type of hate speech or prejudice. Though there is no minimum age limit, those that are younger will be expected to adhere to the Clan's rule set.

Our RP ranges from small in guild gatherings to cross faction RP/PVP with alliance guilds, most notably the Sentinels of the Blade. We are honorable in our fighting, and promote RP in all PvP events that we take part in.
We have also expanded in PvE, and are looking for qualified people to help run our PvE events. Understand it may take a bit to achieve that rank, but we are looking to grow our leadership, which in the past has been relatively small.


The Earthspear Clan is open to any race. With the leadership of Machik, all classes from these races are allowed to join, but be aware, being an RP guild, different members will treat you differently in character. A goblin may have a hard time getting along with a Tauren in character, but in real life, we are all friends.

There will be an application and interview process for each member. This is an RP guild, with PVP/PVE occurring. RP will be stressed, and we will adhere to all RP conventions. We have established an OOC channel, and Guild Chat will be in character. All /say and /yell will also be in character. You will be expected to RP as much as possible when interacting with the world, with the understanding that there are times that RP is not possible.

Those that are seeking to join the Clan will need to have acquired level 20, or level 70 if on a Death Knight. You will also need to do an In Character interview as well as an application on our website. Feel free to peruse the website at:


I look forward to all those that wish to join us, and even those that do not, feel free to attend our open RP events, which includes:

Tall Tales and Epic Fables

Honor Your Ancestors

Traditional Kodo Hunt
Legren kneels on the tip of the high totem in Thunder Bluff. He looks towards the plains of Mulgore then to the barren land of Desolace on the horizon.

"So many lost. Their faces can never be replaced." He frowns and looks towards An'she. "War is coming." He turns his gaze towards Lor'danel.

He slowly stands, looking down at the tribalistic patterns painted on the totem. He peers over the edge at the many denizens and soldiers alike on the ground, gathering weapons.

"We must prepare."

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Machik strolls down the dirt path, dust hanging in the air. Orgrimmar had come a long way since the orcs had landed in Kalimdor, but this was no developed city. The stench of so many varied races filled the nostrils of the massive Shu'halo. It left something to be desired and could not compete with the freshness of Mulgore. Though Machik would have preferred to wander around Bloodhoof Village, he knew he had work to do.

"Oh how I love you gold, you make me so bold," sang the goblin, a whimsical air hanging about him. The one problem with goblins though, when gold was present, nothing else was. And presently he stepped directly into the path of the towering druid. As his nimble body struck Machik, his gold pieces flew into the air.

The druid looked down and frowned. "My friend, you must be careful where you walk."

The goblin bounced around, collecting all the coins before they landed on the ground. He then looked up at the Shu'halo and grinned.

"Hey there big guy," the goblin said. "You look like a nice strong workhorse, interested in making some coin?"

Machik frowned and shook his head, his braids brushing against his spaulders.

"No friend, there is work to be done already," Machik said softly. "Now then, may the winds be at your back."

Machik turned into the inn, looking at the board. Several parchments covered his notice, and he tore them down one by one. Once again he could read his writing. And so too, could those that wandered the land without a family. Soon enough the Earthspear Clan would strike. And soon enough, the alliance scum would fall.
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Ali had just been delivered an abrupt whap on the head from his Master Ji's cane.

"You must always be aware of your surroundings."

"But I was trying to mediate," whined the Elven Monk.

"You're right, my bad. I'm sure your enemies would give you peace if they came across you in such a state."

"I just-"

"You just need to listen to your master. Now, back to work." Once more, for good measure, ji rapped his cane against Ali's head.
Best of luck to this awesome guild
Machik surveyed the carnage. Yet again the lesser men known as dwarves and the former pets of humans known as worgen had attacked the mighty city of Thunder Bluff. With great might they strode into Baine's tent, and attempted to take down the mighty Shu'halo leader. Again and again the struck him while he swung his totems in return.

And that is when they heard the alarm.

And the Earthspear Clan came, though spread across the world, they rushed to the mighty Chief's side, and fought against those barbaric races of the alliance.

Not once, but twice were the alliance able to push the Earthspear out. It was then that Legren Stoneaxe sent word for assistance.

And the Horde came.

And they fought.

And soon enough, the alliance scum were thwarted.

Machik looked around again, knowing that Thunder Bluff was safe, for now.


Thankee to all those that came to assist in the defense of Baine last night. Great fun.

Legren strode on his War Bear into Bloodhoof Village. He'd received word that it had been attacked.

He frowned as he looked around. He saw wounded merchants and guards lying on the ground in pain.

He leapt down from his bear and approached one of the Kodo merchants. He lie there, his eyes closed, his life draining. The Orc put his ears to the man's chest.

He was alive.

Legren did his best to bandage the Tauren's wounds. Legren sat beside the man for a few minutes, unsure of what to do as he'd never been trained to bandage, let alone heal another.

The Tauren began to slowly open his eyes. A smile on his face.

Legren finally spoke. "What happened?"

The beat of a single war-drum from the south rang in the Orc's ears. It stopped. He turned his head back to the wounded man.

The war-drums began to beat again. The Tauren slowly raised his arm towards the Bluffs. His arm fell limp as his eyes closed, blood now seeming to consume the bandages.

Legren stood and mounted his War Bear. He looked to Thunder Bluff.

"It has been too long."

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LOL. I don't know why I'm on tonight promoting horde guilds, but this is another great choice for a horde guild. I wish I was a Tauren just so I could hang with Machik. I appreciate the wonderful battles we have had with you and look forward to more, and your rp is wonderful to read.

Brijit, thankee for the bump. And indeed, many of battles have occurred, and always a chance to get our hands dirty. :)

Legren sat against the wall of the infirmary in Dalaran. His shoulderpads on the ground in front of him. His axe to the right and his shield to the left.

He dreampt.

He slept.

He dreamed of the vicious spray of blood, of the sparks that fly from two blades in a head on head collision. He saw himself standing toe to toe to Varian Wrynn, fatigue in the King's eyes.

Another collision brought the King to his knees. Legren raised his axe for the final strike.

All of this washed away at the sound of chanting. More of that magic, probably soon to be fel-induced chanting. Constantly seeming to get louder and louder.

Legren covered his ears and groaned. He looked at the elf sleeping on the far right bed. He whispers. "HOW can she sleep?"

The orc let out another groan as the sound of chanting overtook his mind.

Respect for Earthspear Clan

A strong ally and at one time was an honorable foe

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