<Adamant> 1/13 HM recruiting

1 x non-paladin tank
1 x priest healer or mistweaver monk
1 x exceptional melee dps

Raid Times: Tues-Thurs 8:45pm-12:30 am PST
Battletag: Azurewrath#1515
Updated! Group 1 wants melee!
Is it too much to ask for melee?
Group 1 Heroic Feng dead!
Hey Azter. This sounds like exactly what my friend and I are looking for. We spoke briefly last night. My name is Monk and I'm new to the server. I'm not raid ready yet but will be soon. I've raided since Kara back in BC all the way through Cata. I'm looking for a place to call home and a guild that I can contribute my efforts towards. If you are looking for reliable guildies please let me know. I'm available to chat on vent or in-game anytime.

Looking to raid i like to think that i know my class and my enemies. I normally do well both as a dps and overall raid performance. currently my guild is transitioning to a 10man and since i cant commit to 100% raid attendance i will be without guild raiding for 2months till i am able to commit.

Reason for why i cant commit is because i am going on vacation from dec 25 to jan 8th. I like to make sure people know this because i dont want it to be a surprise. I havent raided much with my current guild but im preatty sure they would vouch for me and my performance. If you have a spot for me even with me going away for 2 weeks plz let me know.

I love progression so if the spot you have in mind is not going to give me that opportunity i will respectfully refuse ty for your time.
Happy Thanksgiving!! I am thankful for any recruits that swing by
2/6 HM MV 4/6 HOF
where are the mages at???
yay for fire mage nerf
Mage here. Looking for steady guild.
Update: Grand Empress and 3/4 TOF dead!
TOF cleared :D
Recruiting for Hm progression
elite mode done
H feng dead
We be elite
Santa says bump

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