Exigent is recruiting 1 healer

Shattered Hand
<Exigent> of Shattered Hand
10m Progression Raiding Guild 1/6H MSV, 3/6 HoF <8/8H t13, 6/7H t12, 10/13H t11>
Raid Nights Sun, Tue, Wed 8pm to 11pm EST (Sunday runs 7-11)

Recruiting needs as of 11/11/12 include:

Looking for 1 of the follow

Holy/Disc Priest
Mistweaver Monk
Holy Paladin

About <Exigent>:

Exigent is a guild focused on tackling the PvE content presented by the expansion. Our main goal is to maintain a tight knit core that will sustain itself throughout another expansion and deal with progression as a fun but focused group. Our core is solid, however, we are ALWAYS looking for dedicated players who share our ambition to do well and clear the content. We are a "hard-core" minded guild without a "hard core" schedule. Do not expect to raid 5 nights a week(EVER), but do expect to spend our raid time focused on progression.

We are NOT looking for players who are inactive, immature, or are simply looking to be carried. Many of our players have been actively involved in this game for several years and we expect the same level of dedication out of our raiders. We are a 10 man raiding guild. We have no intentions of becoming a 25m raiding guild as our raiders prefer a smaller and more intimate raid environment. Many of us feel that in a 25m raiding guild, someone will always be carried and that raiders can either coast or slip through the cracks. We prefer the personal challenge offered by being a 10m guild.

Please see our website or contact Totonic (Officer), in-game for more information on the application process, or with any questions.

** you can also contact myself via battletag Corv#1911 ***

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