[H.10] Ex Inferis is LFM!

Earthen Ring
Hey everyone, we are looking for 2-3 players to fill our early 10 man raid. We have been raiding for a long time on this realm and we plan to keep that trend going. Our times are 830-1130pm server time; Tuesday, Sunday and Monday are the 3 nights we raid.

Right now we are looking for 1 healer with a solid dps OS, and 2 DPS of almost any kind. We have 3 Monks, 1 for each role, so I would prefer to fill with other classes. Shaman or priest healers would be best, but we're not picky.

What we expect from you: The main rule of our guild is ‘Don’t be a jerk’. This applies to how you treat fellow guildies as well as the general Earthen Ring population. We do not tolerate drama of any kind and if you have an issue with the way things are handled you should bring it up to the officers in a private forum. The l33t, the melodramatic, and the self-entitled need not apply. We’re all here to have a good time and kill some baddies, not play host to the behaviorally challenged.

If interested please contact me in game, or on our website: inferis.guildlaunch.com. We are looking to fill ASAP!
Thanks for the bump! Still in need of a few more to round us out!
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