[A] <Embrace> 10M ★ 3DAY ★ LF RESTO/TANK~!


<Embrace> 10 man raiding guild on US-Sargeras (CST)

Current Progression: 12/12 ToT


Raid Times: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday @6:30 CST (~12 hours total)

✿ Recruiting:

Healer: Resto Shaman (Very high), Resto Druid (Very High)
DPS: Mage (high), Elemental Shaman (high), Balance Druid (low), Shadow Priest (low).
Tank: Blood DK (High)
Please have an item level of at least 505.

*Exceptional applicants of all classes are always welcome.*

✜✜✜ Contact Info: Battle Tag - Connie#1878 or Kirin#1341 ✜✜✜

✜✜✜ APPLY ON WEBSITE: http://embraceguild.enjin.com/ ✜✜✜

✿ About us:

<Embrace> is a recently formed guild composed of raiders that transferred to Sargeras to enjoy the benefits of a high population server. The majority of our core team has been raiding together since Heroic Firelands, and we are currently focusing on Heroic HoF/ToS progression. We strive to progress current content on a casual schedule.

Our members have varied in game interests; many players run arenas, rated battlegrounds, and challenge modes on off days. There are also achieve geeks, obsessive transmoggers, and horde territory occupation specialists.

✿ Raiding:

We raid 3 days, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 6:30 server for approximately 12 hrs. Because of our small roster we expect raiders to attend 90% of normal scheduled raid nights, however, we are all regular people with friends and family, therefore we will never ask you to choose a raid before your personal life and emergencies.

Raiders should be well-prepared with extensive knowledge of their class, consumables, and be familiar with current progression boss strategies.

We use a loot council system. We distribute loot as fairly as possible while giving the best upgrade to the raiders in need based on their performance and attendance.

Feel free to contact us with questions!
core spot for a range dps~
Heroic Stone Guard down!
yippy core range spottt
updated prog
I'm interested :3
11/17/2012 02:12 PMPosted by Nanade
I'm interested :3

almost turkey day
recruiting for 1 more hybrid class preferably elemental shaman/boomkins maybe a hunter :)

we are DEing our Mail gears! :(
DEed 3 pieces of mail gear last week. o-O
=( ^
shameless forum recruitment inquiry
pies :o
need a gewd mage
LF mage that enjoys baking, long walks through Mantid infested corridors, and examining logs by firelight on a cosy couch.

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