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Hey guys!

Fractal (10 man) is in need of a tank to join Terrace and hard mode progression after our Christmas and New Year break. Raids recommence Jan 2 2013.

Our raid times are 9pm-12am (midnight) server time, Wednesday/Thursday/Monday.

Please contact Zenae or Zaeva ingame (pst or ingame mail) for a chat.
Bump! Able to trial ASAP
so tempting
Bump! Updated recruitment:

Currently in need of 1 ranged dps

1 x lock/ele/boomer/hunter
In need of a warlock (pref affliction), but all exceptional ranged will be considered.
updated recruitment
Misuse of the word exceptional isn't exactly uncommon in this game. :( No one seems to understand what it actually means.
LF 1 x ranged dps (pref lock/mage/boomer)
Bump :)

Where the tanks at.
Tanks seem to be quite rare these days.
12/09/2012 07:00 PMPosted by Catastrophe
Tanks seem to be quite rare these days.

Insanely :(

Bump for 1 tank still; any class but preferably non-pally
Updated progress - still in need of a tank.

We are taking a 2-week (holiday) break but are accepting tank apps prior to Jan 2, for immediate progression in TES and MSV/HoF heroics from that date.
Any slots for Arms/Fury warrior in 2-3weeks time?
Hey hey. Spoke to Bunny/Storm about our current roster - assume he passed on the news. We'll see what our roster is like in 2-3 weeks though; I'll update you if anything changes =)

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