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Just wanted to say congrats guys, I know you aren't 6/6 yet but you're really impressive! Keep it up the hard work. Good competition between you and Tyranny thus far!
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hard work
hey, i used to be on exodar
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yo bamf how are those bananas ive been sending you?

You tell me, I've just been hitting "Return".
Just an FYI, I thought 25 man's were harder to manage and deal with. You are depending on 24 other members as opposed to 9. Of course you're ahead.
It's not that. The Business has raided every night this week. They are apparently a 7 days a week guild. Tyranny is 4 days a week.

7 days raiding is......
:) sorry lucent, i forgot that they raid 24+ hours a week. more than half of a full-time job. so yes, that should do it. lawl.
I don't get it.
It may be above your head my friend, seeing as most of you are under the age of 18. Including someone who started the game in 08 at 9 years old. Or I might be getting trolled as usual. But anyhow, you guys raid 6 days a week, 4 hours at a time MINIMUM. I got this information from core members themselves, that's a hell of a lot of playing time for some pros if you ask me. The reason no one is ahead of you, including Tyranny is because many of their members have wives, husbands, kids, and jobs. I am not assuming that you don't have any of these, I'm just stating that it's MOST LIKELY that you don't. Hey, maybe you guys should realize that you're wasting precious time dying to the same mechanics for 24+ hours a week, spend those times otherwise my friends. Go outside, go work-out, spend time with family or loved ones, play additional games, hang out with friends, devote time to your religion (if you have one); do something. I tell you this because I have around 300 days total played on this hunter, and over 400 on my warrior. Do the math. WoW is an addiction and it can ruin your life if not managed correctly. But, I kind of swayed off the point.

Experts with a *cohesive group* with every member having *exceptional attitudes* could have easily gotten 6/6 heroic MSV with the amount of raiding time that you guys have.

I for one do not have that kind of time; along with many other players on Shattered Hand, and in the entire World of Warcraft. *Veteran* raiding requires much more focus/dedication/effort than other things in the game, (except for ranked PvP which is equal). Therefore, more energy will be needed to be used. ****Therefore, exhausting your body which ultimately leads to less sleep and LESS TIME IN LIFE.****

P.S. Troll me, I'm the most gullible person you'll ever meet.
I mean, if you want me to troll you... I'd be happy to do it for you.
Assuming you're Freebo and talking to me: Go for it big daddy. ;)
They can raid all they want for all I care, really. If they put in the effort, they should get the reward of being first place.

Downgrading from 25m to 10m when a boss proved "too difficult"; whatever, if that's what they consider raiding, let 'em have it.

However, they instantly lost the last shred of credibility they had when they had to exploit a boss to get ahead.
I agree with everything you've said. I'm trying to help them. Trying to give advice as I've played this game for nearly 8 years ( June 05 ). It's just that one member in particular has an ego larger than he himself can fathom. Even with BM hunters 21st or so on the chart for Theoretical DPS/Realistic DPS ( don't know which one it is and don't feel like bing'n) and Boomkins dead last 25 or so, he still pulls 10k less sustained dps and 50k (less 1 minute burst dps) than a certain someone with 7 GearScore points behind him. Lol, he loves to troll and get the best of people by bringing down their self-confidence and making them try to prove their self-worth in the game until they make mistakes. I find it hilarious though. Loochy, my friend. I'm 19 years old, I'll be 20 in December. Please brother, please, grow up. :) Oh, and you're no where near as good as me. I have SS whispers from Loochy saying " i 40x bettar than all of u gold chalnge membars. " Something along those lines. If you want to go far back Loochy, go back to the days me and Doublethreat were #%#*@@@%#% you in meters, hell I don't even remember you to be in Top 5. Lol, grow up buddy :) This is for everyone on Shattered Hand (including Game Masters) whom despise Loochy because of his arrogant, egotistical, and pathetic nature.

P.S. In no way, shape, or form is this "Fame" positive. You're notorious for being the most hated, and we would all love you to leave the server.

As for expoliting, that's even more pathetic lawl.

6-7 days a week and you guys are where you are. you should be world first on every kill LAWL. Especially with Loochy, the Supreme God of all Gods.

Loochyholmez: "valendas died to sandy in New York, he didn't pain supp himself."

Get a life you scrub, oh and if and whenever you do get sponsored (we all know you will). Get me a free plane ticket to your IP address so I can personally give you what you deserve. :) Love you!
The amount of care in this thread is nauseating.
I just thought it was amusing.

Tyranny is because many of their members have wives, husbands, kids, jobs, and most of all lives.

Those things may not necessary = living.

Saturday and Sunday your kids will still wake up at 7 am :-)
I'm a little confused at the above post, but okay! :)

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