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I just feel someone should point out that:

The one week that we did raid 7 nights, it was not required, just more all of us being "hey, who can get on and wants to raid tomorrow? If we have enough lets do it.", its not like they were: "be on tomorrow, it's mandatory.".

Also, at the no life/whatever that was comment:

A lot of us (myself included), work full time jobs, while attending school, and raising from 8:30pm-12:30pm server works perfect because it fits in that slot that I'm done with the day and its night time/not really much to do, so why not play my favorite hobby/game?

And @bamf: I doubt that we'll disband after two tiers, 8/10 of the raiding core are old Rebellion members who raided with each other all through cata, and most of the members know at least 1-3 other raiders IRL.

But I'm not a fortune teller, and all this backwater drama is annoying.

Siri sucks.
Yea, I apologize for the no life comment, I've already made the edit awhile back. It was definitely not of my nature to say that, it was more directed to one member out of pure hatred. I'm not doubting you're all great players, I just feel that 6-7 days a week is a lot of raiding, just trying to tell you guys to slow down. There's really no race going on, the Asians I'm sure have us beat, if not the Europeans.

Oh, yeah, didn't read it all. But it was more just me saying, we all wanted and chose to, to practice different things, wipe on new bosses, and kill new stuff.

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