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About Us

We are a guild of friends and capable raiders who have played together for a long time and decided to make a new casual but progression minded guild. We are 10/16 normal and 1/6 heroic. We value Skill and Personality over everything else. We recognize that some people do not want to raid 5 nights a week which is why we use a lighter 2-3 night raiding schedule so people don't have to make sacrifices in their real lives to play a game they enjoy.
We value the people we raid with and highly dislike the idea of benching raiders so if you are a solid player who can consistently show up to raids, we won't bench you when Blizzard puts your class on the nerf train, nor will we bring in a buffed up class to do your job.

We are a small guild and like the fact that everyone knows one another and can socialize without hesitation. We will accept non-raiders who are actually social and want a friendly place to hang their hat and chat while they play the game. Our vent is active and we usually even have friends from other guilds drop in to chat. While our guild isn't designed around pvp, most of our members do participate in some form of it so you're sure to find a partner or group for whatever type of pvp you enjoy.

Nice tabard, vent, guild repairs and a well-stocked guild bank included!

Raid Times
Tuesday and Thursdays 6 - 9pm server time
Sundays 6 - 9 server time (as needed for progression)

Recruitment Needs


Also recruiting socials and PVPers of all levels!

Contact me in person or via mail battletag - Tbolt#1135 or
Umberleë (alt 137) - battletag - alexpancake#1511
What's this? Our thread needs bumping? On it!
Just planted my farm for tomorrow and heading to bed! Time for a bump.
Bump - still have high need for a healer. Come on Holy Paladins!
I have Halloween candy for a good holy pally for our group. C'mon you know you wanna. ;3
Ooh candy, I need more for my candy van business, also bump.
Candy van? I'm in. Bumparooni!
Holy Paladin/Holy Priest & Shadow Priest, go go!
Still looking for those potential healers out there! Remember, Holy priest/pally with a dps off-spec, we're looking for you!
1st boss in HoF down, second going down this weekend!

Socials and PVPers welcome!
Woot 8/16, good job guys!
Looking for a Disc Priest now with a shadow OS!!!
Come on Disc priests with shadow OS! You know you want in on our awesome raid! :D
Now open for a not !@#$ty DK tank! Replacing our old one who went to raid with RL friends. :]
9/16 now c'mon tanks!
Bump for a Blood DK or Prot Warrior!
Still looking for a Blood DK or Prot Warrior
4/6 in HoF!
Shadow/Disc priests, we want you!
Bump need more dps

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