(H)<Nomad>10/16 Recruiting Mage & Socials

Bump for some dps!
Need a warlock! Bump for a warlock!
Still need a warlock! And a rogue!
Still looking for a warlock and rogue!
In need of a rogue for Tuesday!
Still need a rogue!
Bump for rogues!
Good focused raiders. Pugged as tank for them before, all the best on your recruitment. Deserve a free cookie bump ^_^
Thank you Ylaya! You're great. :3
Still in need of a rogue for tomorrow!
Did all the rogues die off? Still looking for a decent one for core group!
I think they might have Tbolt. But I'm still gonna bump for one. ;P
C'mon rogues! We want you!
Rogue. Now.
Still need a rogue!
Now we're in need of a mage. I know those exist!

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