[H] <Negatory> 8/16H recruiting for 5.2

Area 52
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Negatory is a casual guild which raids current content. We are currently looking for a few members to fill in our raid roster. That said, please bare in mind that we are seeking a GUILDIE, not a raid robot. We are not interested in a player who will only appear online at raid time, we want active players who are social and mesh well with our existing group.

Currently Seeking:
    - rogue
    - disc/holy priest
    - all outstanding ranged dps being considered

Raid Schedule:
    - Wednesday, Friday & Monday: 7pm - 11pm EST

    - MSV - 6/6N 5/6H
    - HOF - 6/6N 3/6H
    - ToES - 4/4

What you can expect from us:
    - an active guild with plenty of social opportunities
    - a progression-minded raid team
    - 24/7 guild repairs
    - feasts provided
    - some assistance with gear enchantments and flasks/potions
    - lady voices in the Ventrilo

What we expect from you:
    - knowledgeable in your class (all specs)
    - research fights in advance of new raids/encounters
    - willingness to make adjustments to playstyle upon request
    - gear properly gemmed/enchanted/reforged at all times
    - prepared with flasks and potions
    - not a douche

Please seek out Yummies ingame for more information. Any member of Negatory should be able to direct you to me, should I be on an alt. You may also add me on Real ID: Yummies#1193.
up we go
Bumpasaurus Rex
Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers
I should stop logging off in my ret gear, it will scare people away.
Bump for shammy goodness
Where are all the shaman?
We can has shaman?
No seriously, where are the shaman?
tee hee
Looking for one of those thingers that shoots the healing noodles and the lightnings from they fingers.
I'm interested in your spot for a resto shaman, send me a tell to Makàhna and we can discuss details. Thanks in advance.

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