Brewmaster Help please...

Ok, first off a bit of my background, I am coming from playing a Warlock, and didn't really play Cata at, at all....

Also, I am a casual gamer, so I really don't understand "Wowspeak"...honestly when I read threads, it's sounds like a different language to me. It's like military acronyms....

Anyways, all I know is that I am playing tank dead wrong, that is especially evident after reading through these threads.....guess I just had good healers in dungeons.

I usually run in and toss kegs, then spray some breath of fire (to keep aggro I guess..seems to work well..), then I use leg sweep, and spam spinning crane kick....once I have 3-4 chi, I use blackout kicks or breath of fire again....

I use guard, fortifying brew, that chi orb (??), and one other spell for emergencies..

After reading here I realize I never use expel, elusive brew, stagger I am doing things wrong I know this.

Can someone plz break this down in English to me?

Glyphs, rotations, helpful macro's or add-ons, etc....

The reality is I am a noob who tanked from 12-85 in dungeons, but still feel like I am not using the brewmaster to full capacity. In the wild mind you, I can easily take on 7 mobs of equal level to me solo, with no difficulties using this method. Things are noticeably harder in Pandaria tho.

Thanks! Remember, I am bad with the "wowspeak"!
At higher levels you need to worry more about not going splat than making the mobs go splat (which you can get away with in the lower level dungeons). You do this by changing the ability you prioritise away from breath of fire to blackout kick.

Every time you blackout kick you gain the shuffle effect for an additional 6 seconds. This increases your parry chance by 20% and increases the amount of damage you change from immediate to over time (stagger) by 20%. For example, with 5% total mastery you normally defer 25% of the damage and immediately take 75%; with shuffle up that ratio changes to 45% deferred and only 55% immediately (assuming the attack isn't entirely parried with your shiny new higher parry chance). To continue the example, a hit that normally would do 10,000 damage to the target will inflict 7,500 immediately and then put a dot that does 250/sec for 10 seconds on the example Brewmaster. With shuffle up it changes to 5,500 immediately and a 450/sec dot. The obvious difference is less immediate damage making it less likely that you die to a single hit because the amount of the hit is lower. You also have the ability to remove the dot portion of the damage entirely by using purifying brew, which clears all staggered damage.

The simplest change as far as rotation, etc. is to blackout kick every time you would have used breath of fire and use expel harm instead of jab immediately when it comes off cooldown. The reason to do this is because in general expel will do more damage than jab, provide the same benefit of 1 chi, and it costs the same 40 energy. This won't be "ideal" play but you will undoubtedly notice yourself taking a lot less damage by keeping shuffle up for a large percentage of the time.
TLDR version.

Keg Smash(on every Cooldown)-> Blackout Kick->Guard(on Coolddown)

Use Jab or(Expel Harm) In between Keg Smash's
Use Tiger Power while waiting for Energy to pool for a Jab/Expel Harm/Keg Smash
Sweet! Thanks guys that helps alot....

And to think that I NEVER used expel harm, and I rarely used blackout kick all the way to 85 lol...

I was doing mass DPS for a tank, but I was real squishy...

One last question, which major glyphs would you recommend? I currently use Stoneskin, Guard, and Spinning Crane

Also, does that minor glyph for blackout kick hurt or help me?
I wrote this out for a lower level player, but since you're need it simple (nothin' wrong with that), I tried helping this guy out with some basics. This may or may not be of use to you. But here ya go.

I'll keep an eye here just in case you have questions.

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