Karnage is now recruiting (Alliance)

Hey everyone we are looking to recruit more people for are core raid group going into MOP we raid every Tuesday an Thursday from 9-12. we have a great group of people that we raid with that are very friendly and mature looking or people that don't mind raid progressing as we are still learning the fights in MoP raids looking for all classes at the moment

Healers: will have to be anywhere between 450-470 ilvl and interviewed by either myself, sylania, or octarvius

Dps: will have to be a min of 463 ilvl and be able to pull min of 40k dps

Tanks: we are looking for min of 465 ilvl

if you have any question about anything feel free to pst me, sylania or octarvius about anything looking forward to hearing from new people and get some new blood in he guild we are a mature friendly guild looking to progress thru MoP!!
Ahem... minus his bad spelling its Octarvius :P

As Crue stated, we are looking for mature persons to help us (and yourself) get purple loot!

If you have any questions feel free to ask. Look forward to seeing you in game!
Still searching =)
If you're still looking, hit me up!

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