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Not sure if exploits belong in the bugs section, please close it or move it to the appropriate one if need be.

Basically, I would like to bring to light an exploit to bliz in the hope of fixing it. During a random search of how of where to farm skyshards to for alani mount, I stumbled across a hacking/exploit site (it was the first google search result) which listed a way to farm skyshards fast. People were reporting no more than 3 or 4 hours farm to get their mount, along with an insane number of motes. (might be in the 1000s range)

(edited out method due to player's suggestion, basically you can kill ~300 mobs in 5 mins with normal loot tables.)

Obviously, this is not intended by bliz. Fix it so the buffs does not kill enemies other than the intended ones, or change all mobs in that phase to not drop any loot. Not sure if its possible or if it has ever occurred before, but a rollback seems reasonable based on this exploit. If bliz goes as far as to rollback worlds first 90 due to mob tagging or even just elite killing, this would not seem far off and unreasonable. Stone quilen and other instant respawn mobs have been fixed too. Off topic, Guild Wars 2 had a similar exploit in the first week of release allowing players to get unlimited max level weapons and players loot were rollbacked and banned consequently. It would be unfair for players who have farmed skyshards for nights on end whilst others are exploiting the mob.

In the worst case scenario bliz does not do anything about this, more people will find out about this exploit and hopefully bring prices of the mount down.
Pretty sure this has been fixed, tried it myself and the cow took along time to respawn.
If something has the potential to be exploited to do something that is not intended it is best not to post it on the forums. You can edit out the details in your post and the QA staff can still see the pre-edit as they can view a posts history. The best way to report such a bug is via the ingame bug report feature as it avoids posting it on the forums all together.
10/30/2012 03:36 AMPosted by Neversoft
Pretty sure this has been fixed, tried it myself and the cow took along time to respawn.

The OP is referring to a different issue and used the cow respawn rate as an example of a similar exploitable situation.

OP, this brings up avoiding going off on tangents when reporting things. It can create confusion and cloud the true issue.
yes, mottled cow has been fixed, but the fact remains that users can use this to kill other mobs at an insane rate (~ 2 secs and its aoe) plus there are other instant respawn mobs. Even if there aren't or fixed, I'm sure pulling ~10 mobs with no instant respawn and downing them in 2 secs (with normal loot tables) is not intended. In addtion, this doubles as an exp exploit as 85s get recieve exp even if not in the same phase, and with the insane rate of killing comes an insane amount of exp leech

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