[Bug] Glyph of Falling Meteor

Bug Report
The glyph no longer works. It will still cause you to turn into the falling meteor while falling, but you will die from fall damage.
Just tested this out and I confirm, it's broken.

Died twice now just confirming D:
Bumped for confirmation, I have fallen to my death twice as well the glyph was working fine last week cant remember if it worked earlier this week though.

Need fixing i cant save my life when i fat finger while im mounted.
I can confirm this also. I jupmed from WG to scholozar basin and used my demonic leap 1/2 way down & still died. =/
Confirming to bump. Had this happen twice now. Rather disappointing.
yup same here, not great coming in for a cool landing in front of your guildies but it happened..
Sad but true. Go in for a cool landing only to die. Thank goodness for Soulstone.

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