What addon is this?

The one for the boss frame/DoT timer

Probably whatever Unit Frame they have. It looks as thought it is attached to the Unit Frame for their target.

I personally use Shadowed Unit Frames for my Unit Frames as I find it much easier to set up than Pitbull (another Unit Frame addon).

Alternatively you can use Weak Auras or Raven to achieve the same effect without altering your Unit Frames should you not wish to do so.
It's just the debuff timer attached to the unit frames, which I believe are Pitbull. It would possibly be easier to tell if the screenshot wasn't cropped.

Edit: Raven is ridiculously good.
Actually it looks like Shadowed Unit Frames to me.
I'm just guessing Pitbull because that is (or was when I installed it) the default skin. Most unit frame addons have the same basic options so it's kind of hard to distinguish them. I'd also just like to think nobody would intentionally change to that skin on SUF.

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