Alani and the mount he/she drops

Has anyone on Garrosh gotten this mount yet?
One toon at exalted with GL, this one half-way through revered. Each have had 1 shard drop. Trying to farm for this reminds me of going after the epics from archy at the beginning of cata. I'll pass.

To any actively trying to farm the shards I pray for your sanity. The only way that seems worth it is if you need Wildfowl Breast or Crocolisk Meat, and farm those mobs.
I'm looking to sell this mount x-server. The asking price is 150k and I would be happy to discuss transaction details in game. Please /who slime or crateria on Akama if you're interested.
Thanks for your replies, guys.

Kna, I think I've actually been rather lucky, because the Treasures of the Vale chests have resulted in 3 of the Skyshards. I've seen them drop from mobs such as the mogu and mantid in the Vale while questing with a friend, but always passed if I was not on my mage (I'd rather not have any on another character, just need to get 10 on 1, you know?) From what I understand, only mobs in the Vale have a chance to drop the Skyshards.

Slimelol, I wish you luck in selling the mount. Personally, I have never had that much gold on all of my toons combined, lol.
Done. First on Garrosh to kill Alani and retrieve the mount. Took 2 weeks of farming.....
Now for a well deserved nap
Congrats! Any tips for would-be Alani downers?

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