Fatal Union US15th H6/6-H5/6-H2/4 Recruiting

Guild Recruitment
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Fatal Union US:15th has opened its doors for recruitment.

Some history:

Fatal Union was formed August 11th, 2006 and has been a constant on Kargath ever since. FU has not only survived across all of the wow expansions, but has thrived. FU has been the most progressed guild on Kargath for a majority of the last 6 years. We have grown not just in WoW, but also as a community. We ALWAYS take care of our own, and above all else we put the guilds needs first.

Raiding Schedule:

FU's main raiding nights are Mon,Tue,Wed from 8:30-1 EST. We may extend a raid late or work out an extra night if we are close to new progression. Being a 10m guild gives us a lot of flexibility when it comes to scheduling/rearranging due to outside circumstances (hurricanes lol).

FU also hosts additional raids, for those that aren't in our progression raid each week. These groups run 2/3 times a week. This group has already cleared MV and will be moving its focus to HoF and heroic MV shortly.

At this time our recruitment is open for 1 quality dps:


Ele Sham

If I didn't list your class, but you think you would be a good fit for FU please don't hesitate to throw up an application, we always welcome exceptional applicants.

Applicants are expected to maintain solid attendance, and be both excellent and consistant with their performances in raid. They are expected to participate with guildies while they are online and show a genuine effort/interest in becoming a productive member of our community.

If you are interested in doing something nice for yourself stop by www.fugaming.net and throw up an application today. You can also message Bonesjackson, Archetype, or Watch in game with any questions, or you can add me to realid wh3must1@gmail.com
always looking for more faces =)
range dps welcome
Always looking to add people to our community.
I hear watch gives out fancy things ;-)
Few random rolls for some mounts etc. has been known to happen from time to time.
to the top
/panda roar... so vicious. Like a neutered grizzly bear.
be the horse
bling my tron 4000
saiid likes cake
Shockadin Quik > your dps. wanna proove it? app today!

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