Fatal Union US15th H6/6-H5/6-H2/4 Recruiting

Guild Recruitment
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Suffer mortals as your pathetic magic betraaaaaaaaays you!
yay for holidays!
happy thanksgiving to all =)
yummy turkey and gravy!
pumpkin pie is awesome (though we can settle with cake for saiid's sake)
Free bump for old IRC times.
Still need Hunter?
11/22/2012 09:10 PMPosted by Beastheart
Still need Hunter?

apply today at www.fugaming.net !!!
jackblacked for pres. 2016
it's another saturday, but this time it's day #3 of the weekend!
gold in Jade Serpent, yay!
nighty night!
Snow? Totally overrated.
end of the weekend =(
start of a new week.
phew, day one of the week over.

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