(H) Meifumado 1/6 H.M. 2/6 H.F. 25M LFM!

Shattered Hand
Forums: http://www.meifumado.net/
Webstats: http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/51464/
Guildprogress: http://wow.guildprogress.com/US/Shattered_Hand

These are for CORE SPOTS

Currently seeking:
Paladin (Ret)
Priest (Shadow)
DPS Monk who can Offtank
Ele Shammy.
Feral druid.

However, we will always consider exceptional players, so feel free to apply!

TUES-THURS: 7pm - 11pm (EST) (Most often less)

Only raiding 3 days a week, we require our members to play better than guilds who raid more, especially for smashing through hard mode content. Therefore our requirements are:

Reliability - We are looking for honest, responsible and trustworthy players who will always let us know in advance when they are going to miss a raid night. We have a light raid schedule that requires committed players to make it work.

Personality - We are looking for mature players who can take a joke and not be easily offended. The ideal applicant would be capable of receiving criticism without taking it personally. We stress a relaxed guild atmosphere. The ideal candidate would remain calm and collected even through tough progression.

Gear - While we don't have any specific gear requirements, your gear is an indication of your competence and effort you've put into your character. We only expect you to have the best gear reasonably available at your current level of progress. Raiding achievements completed when content was current, are a plus.

Skill - We are looking for players that know how to play in a team environment. Topping the healing and damage meters is great, but we're really looking for players that can stay alive during encounters and not be the cause of your own death or another player's death. Again I stress that we are looking for team players who will prioritize what is best for the raid over their individual numbers.

Initiative - Our ideal applicant keeps up to date on their class and boss strategies and won't need to be told to enchant or gem their gear. They will be on time and prepared to raid.

Intelligence - We are looking for individuals who can think for themselves and contribute to boss strategies in a meaningful way. Of course strategies will be given by the raid leader of the guild, but this individual should be able to ask questions and know how to fit into the strategy the guild has chosen to use.

If you have any additional questions or think your interests and abilities will fit, please don't hesitate to contact Mengke, Kestryn, or Lucent in-game or on our boards, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.If you wish to apply please do so at http://www.meifumado.net

P.S.---> TL;DR version: Good players apply to the 2nd 25 man progressed guild on the server that raids 10 hours a week. :)
Please ignore the Loochyholmez. He apped to our guild and was rejected. Sour Grapes :). But the App is pretty funny :)

Happy Halloween people. Go crazy on the 31st!
Sometimes people just can't take no for an answer. It's okay he'll survive.
Loochy, yet again I cant understand you. Instead of raiding I would recommend taking a basic English class at a community college.

Ta Darling

P.S. Happy Halloween.
It's interesting to see the kiddies get all rowdy. They constantly result to "Blowing your boyfriend". I know this is not feasible considering who they are but if they were to get head they'd be like "I LOVE YOU BABY" afterwards but a gay guy does it and it's suddenly an insult.

Clowns will be clowns.
I'm a ret paladin.
Needs updated!
I like how Loochy deletes all his comments so we can't ban him eternally.
Updated. 2/6 heart of fear in one day, on 25 man, even though 12 of our raiders have no power due to sandy. Stupid hurricane.
Bump for our awesomeness.

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