Enhance shaman in pvp.

10/28/2012 03:41 AMPosted by Jkspiritlink
am loving the 3-4k extra dps from UF though with FT on. Static shock on auto attacks for 6 seconds is just insane when stacking haste and mastery. Then you add Windfury into the mix and it's game over.

i dont like UF for a couple reasons... 1) it doesnt work during ascendance at all. theres a bug with it and while in ascendance it just doesnt happen. Ascendance is our chance to kill. it has to be as spectacular as possible and to use a talent that prevents that... ehh.

2) its only really useful if you UE while already on top of the target. I like having UE as a ranged ability that i can use if i am being temporarily kited. I can also use it while charging into the targets so when i connect is SS/LL/WF as quick as possible.

3) I really really like EB. when it hits, it hits like a truck. even if you do get the disgusting crit buff it still is almost triple the damage of a lightning bolt. good to use right before ascendance... on-use trinket, EB, SS, ascendnace/em/fire ele stormblast! probably 150k damage right there.


Is this bug only present when you are Wind Lashing from range? Or in melee range as well?
10/28/2012 12:45 PMPosted by Stierzorn
Is this bug only present when you are Wind Lashing from range? Or in melee range as well?

not sure. as far as i know, when you hit ascendance UF WF just stops working completely.
youtube: Hubbrage.
If you want help with enhancement techniques.
Hes very good, very informative and very entertaining.

cant find him on youtube. Can you link?
I have no complaints.
10/26/2012 06:03 AMPosted by Hoodwinked
I don't see them particularly often. How are you guys doing in bgs and arenas thus far? Do you think anything needs to be changed in the upcoming patch on enhancement's behalf?

you don't come here often do you?
to the OP's question: Enh is average to good depending on the player and what they wanna
do w/ the spec.

arenas= good. w/the right players/team comp enh can shine pretty bright even w/ the

rbgs= average if you enjoy being a purge bot and bursting on call,rbgs can be fun. Oh and
being trained constantly by the other teams dps is....

bgs= average solo queing w/ derps is a challenge at best. I usually treat them like when
im riding the subway at night in nyc: stay in the group, always keep yur back
wall, and keep an eye on the exits

I hear alot of talk about poor survivability for this spec. To me this is directly related to the mobility nerf. During cata we cld simply SW any when things were dire, giving team mates
an extra gcd or 2 to help. Now we have more abilities to use that feel less effective when used. Just seems like an overly complicated mechanic when the answer is so simple: just
give SW back its short immunity..... and i miss the old spirit wolves :/

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