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I use Tidy Plates:Threat Plates and DoTimer on my warlock. TP:TP is a really good addon for seeing the health bars of all enemies of who you want to see all the time and for clicking on. I was told there's an option in the Threat Plates addition to Tidy Plates to change or flash the health bar of a healer. But I can't seem to find it. Also, I need a better DoT timer addon than DoTimer. The problem is, is that so many addons that track dots want to only show up bars, and I absolutely will not use an addon with bars. I need a really good addon to track DoTs for my targets and my focus, and to track them with the icon and a countdown timer (if that makes sense?). Also, if possible, is there an addition to Tidy Plates to where I can possibly put a DoT timer under the name plates to watch my dot times?
Tidy Plates will display your debuffs if possible on the name plates, there is most definitely an option for that. As to Dot Timers there are many that can do what you are asking. A nice option is WeakAuras which is highly configurable.
I need to mess around with tidy plates right now. I'm messing around with ButtonTimers, but from what I'm seeing, I have to edit each individual button to do what I want, and then enter each spell or place the spell I want to track. About to go check WeakAuras also now
Found the option for applying dot timer icons in TPTP btw. Now checking on Weak Auras
i dont like threatplates look, and tidyplates built in dot timers are bugged. they dont display a refresh of a dot unless moused over/highlighted.

You are welcome to try PlateBuffs instead for standalone debuff display on nameplates but they'll be subject to same limitations.
I recently installed platebuffs and after logging completely out I am unable to bring up the config window by typing /pb

am i doing something wrong?
Curse one hasn't been updated. Get the latest version from here:
Ok I am new to tidy plates and like the look but how do I get to the buttons like to join an instance queue?
TidyPlates doesn't do anything to your minimap or micro menu. What exactly is your issue?

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