H <First Attempt> 4/6 10 man LFM

First Attempt is looking to get into 10 man raiding. We are a small group of old friends (played FFXI together) that have various past raiding experience in WoW. Over the past two weeks we managed to go 2/6 and 4/6 while raiding just 1 night and pugging a couple people. We plan on moving to two raid nights and are looking for a couple consistent players to round out our roster.

Raid Times
Tues/Wed 7:30-10:30

Ranged DPS
Possibly 1 healer
Possibly 1 tank

We have a couple people who are open to multiple roles, so we are pretty flexible in what we can take.

Contacts: Caat or Suhne

first attempt?.. really? lol
Still looking for a tank? Experienced wow player here, been playing since vanilla.
Interested in a warrior by any chance..?
I've been playing since vanilla too. On a dif account.
They don't call me the vanilla cream dragon for nothing.

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