Seeking a Clothy Caster for Alt Raid

Greetings denizens of Garrosh.

A new expansion is upon us and we have finally taken time out of our busy raiding and daily schedules to level our alts. As such, it is now time for our alt run to commence.

You may recall me requesting a tank some time ago while DS was the thing, well we found one and decided to start farming that alt run at 8/8H on a weekly basis.

What we provide:
A 1day raid/week every week on friday at 8pm - 11pm(ish) server time.
An atmosphere where like-minded individuals will progress through the content on various alt toons to get away from their mains.
Loot (because who doesn't like pretty purples)

What we expect:
You to know your alt class inside and out, a lot of us in this group play all classes near flawlessly and as such, have no lives so we can level all of these toons.
Show up on time week by week, this is a 1day week raid so missing out can hurt us for the entire week. We do this run to relax.

Loot rules:
Need - MS, Greed - OS....we also expect people to maybe pass on a piece or make back alley deals with other classes that can use the gear. Everyone will get geared so not like there is a rush to get it first.


We would prefer a mage or warlock, but we will consider a spriest/chicken as well.

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