[H] <Perplexity> Semi-Hardcore 10M LF 2 MORE


About us:
We are a guild of friends that transferred here from an assortment of previously successful and top ranking US guilds. We transferred here to raid with each other on a casual schedule with a hardcore progression mindset.

We currently have most of the roster ironed out but need a strong DPS (Hunter or Boomkin AND Mage pref) and a Holy paladin, for heroic progression.

Raid Schedules:
We plan on raiding Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Monday, from 7 PM - 11 PST.

We are currently 4/6H MSV & 6/6N HoF & 4/4N Terrace as a guild, but some members have other hard modes down prior to joining <Perplexity>!

If you have any questions or are interested in joining, pst Piti, Evac, or Amalyth in game.
We also have pie.
I like to swim.
WTB new guildies, paying with nekkids of any member requested.
Where oh where are all the chickens!
Hopefully we won't need a new rogue after Sandy, but still lookin for another healer !
1/6 HM in MSV
Also 1/6 in HoF. We would really love to flush out a full time roster. Still looking for some ranged dps, a hunter/boomkin/ele shaman would be fabulous. Also looking for another healer, preferably a hpally.

Come join us and have super fun times!
My two favorite rogues and priest.

I once joined their guild to just look at Amalyths guild note to get his phone number.
WTB more friends.

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