Farming Medium HIDE?

I need to get some of this, but all the threads I see talk about medium LEATHER. Not medium hide. If there's a specific location you guys know of, please let me know. Preferably in Azeroth.
I used to farm that stuff in STV mostly basilisks, bats in Duskwood. Probably a few other places but it's been a really long time.
Ebon Slavehunters in the Wetlands seem to be good for Medium Hide.
Leveling leatherworking? Yea good luck with that. The medium leather is really the worst hump imo, once you get past that it just gets easier and easier.

Pretty sure that any mob that can drop medium leather can drop medium hide. I farmed basilisks in lower stv per wow-professions advice. however i would treat any hide found as a nice treat rather than mandatory for leveling.
I farmed for a while outside the wailing caves but you are higher so could try inside the zone. Plus you get pristine deviate scales there which make a really nice profit especially if you have the belt recipe.

I ended up buying some too though. Hopefully you can skin a few and find a few on AH.

Looking at Wowhead, it also lists Blackfathom Deeps and Razorfen Kraul as places that drop.
Come to Area 52 and I'll give you 50 pieces free.I can't get rid of that junk.
Pretty much any mob that will drop medium leather has a chance to drop a medium hide when skinned. So just go out leather farming, save the hides you get and sell any excess leather on the AH for a bit of profit.

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