[A] Cheap Date recruiting for 10m raids/BG's!

[A] Cheap Date is a level 22 guild that transferred from Bleeding Hollow and is looking to recruit warm bodies for 10m raids/BG’s in MoP. We are a relaxed, close-knit group of folks that progressed well through Cataclysm, but unfortunately lost some folks between expansions. Current raid times are Tuesday and Sunday, 6pm-8:30ish server time.

For raid spots, we are currently looking for:
1 healer (preferably a pally or priest)
2 dps (at least 1 melee)

We are limited to the raid spots listed above, but are open to any class/roll for BG’s. The only requirement is that you have a sense of humor, are not offended by profanity, and are 18+ years old for drama/”adult content” reasons. If you are interested, please message Moncho, Sheepherder, or Rrynn for details.
Have you started to raid yet?
We've spent two nights with Stone Guard. We are just missing a few consistent players to have a solid team.
Its hard to down new content when you are constantly rotating new folks in. Our current "regulars" know their stuff & need a few experienced folks to join so we can get some boss kills in.
Bump for taking down Stone Guardian last night!
Thanks for everyone who responded with in-game interest to this thread.

We are currently full on raid spots but shall revisit this posting once openings become available so periodically remember to check the forums!
Good luck and welcome to Hyjal folks :D
still doing BG's?

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