<FP> Recruiting for progression 10 man. 4-7st

Flower Power is an extremely helpful/friendly guild to be a part of. The only rule is to be respectful to everyone. We are NOT a hardcore guild.

We have several groups working on Mogushan Vaults 10 man. I am a raid leader of one group, and I am recruiting a very select few to fill our ranks. This is the most "hardcore" group of the guild.

This group is being assembled to accommodate those players in our guild that desire to progress through end-game hardmodes/heroic raids, but we need your help!

-Raiders belonging to this group are to arrive 10 minutes prior to raid unless an emergency arises.
-You must be an outstanding example of your class, geared, and able to make all raid times.
-Raid times are 4-7 Monday, Thursday, and some weekends if the ENTIRE group agrees.
-You must strive to constantly better your toon's throughput, gear, and knowledge of all progression fights.
-Raid spots are EARNED, not given. If you fail to meet expectations of dps, healing, knowledge of encounters, respect, gearing requirements, or availability, you WILL be replaced.

Currently recruiting:
1 Tank (prefer non-dk)
3 Dps (plate, and mail preferred. 60k+ dps)
1 Healer (prefer a disc priest, pally, or monk)

If you feel that you are ahead of the curve, and looking to be a part of a friendly/professional team dedicated to destroying end-game hardmodes, feel free to send an in-game mail to Buffresilplz.
I would..but this tier is so ugly that i'm not going to bother with pve. :(
Bump. I want a disc priest or holy pally!
Is Dutch still in your guild?
Yep hes the GM
DD <3 Yes Dutch is still there and guys an added bonus of joining FP aside from having Me And Buffresil is that our GM has a sick accent.


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