Mages can roll need on Mindcapture Pendant

Bug Report
Spirit neck.
That's not a bug. Spirit helps our in combat regen, and can be reforged if we have an excess amount of it.
Then it's not a bug next time a healer jacks your hit gear, I guess.
10/30/2012 01:32 AMPosted by Gutrachop
Spirit helps our in combat regen,

No, it doesn't.
It hasn't for quite some time now.
Regardless, although it's not optimal, it's still a caster item which can be reforged.
No wonder healers are in short supply in dungeon queues.
Today a Warlock rolled need against me and won it. I asked extremely politely if he could pass it to me as the spirit is utterly useless to him. His only reply was to leave the group after saying he ''needed the crit''.

This sort of behaviour will only encourage irate healers to need on dps +hit gear you know. Of course I don't like to perpetuate the cycle of greed and anger - even encountering situations like this I don't take it out on other dps though it is quite upsetting.

SUGGESTION: Remove warlocks and mages from the list of ''classes who can need this item'' for gear with spirit on it and prevent frustrated blizzard customers clogging up forums with threads such as these.
The restriction in dungeons (using the Need Before Greed system) is only Caster or Not-Caster. Spirit is on caster pieces, and Warlocks are casters, which gives them permission to roll on it.

Currently that's how the system is implemented. It's not ideal but that's just how it is, and if it's working that way than it's not bugged. You'll need to make a case for a change over on the Dungeons, Raids and Scenarios gameplay forum.
its just like how warriors and DKs can roll on my agility rings / necks and i can roll on their strength necks and rings. idk why its like that but it is.

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