[H]<Relentless Aggression> is recruiting!

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As of right now, we are recruiting players looking to raid in Legion, and at least one night a week right now (Only Tuesday 8-11pm) as we gear up alts, and help friends get moose mounts. A lot of our raiders are on break until Legion. So if you are interested in raiding in Legion, come talk to me. Hit me up on Twitter (@Epic_Insanity) or in-game (BattleTag: Epicinsanity#1952).

Current Progression: 13/13N, 13/13H HFC
Current Recruitment:
    Raid Times: Every Tuesday / Wednesday 8-11pm
    Raid Difficulty: Heroic / Mythic

Full Time Raiders*:
    -- Melée DPS:
    -- Ranged DPS:
    -- Healers:

    * will consider any exceptional player, and/or class if not listed above

We will always consider any exceptional player and/or class with the desire for progression raiding. We ask our raiders to be able to make every Tues/Wed raid night with the understanding that Real Life always comes before Warcraft. Interested? Hit me up on Twitter @Epic_Insanity or in-game!

Outside of Raiding:
Open Recruitment for Social Members and PVPers (Arenas/Battlegrounds)

Current Progression:
Warlords of Draenor: (All Ahead of the Curve Achievements).
-- Hellfire Citadel: 13/13 Normal, 13/13 Heroic.
--Blackrock Foundry: 10/10 Normal, 10/10 Heroic
--Highmaul: 7/7 Normal, 7/7 Heroic

Relentless Aggression is recruiting casual players looking for a relaxed mature gaming atmosphere. New the server? Come check us out!

If Relentless Aggression looks like a place you'd like to call home, check out RA-Zuljin.com, or talk to Epicinsanity directly in-game. BattleTag: Epicinsanity#1952 (Tell me who you are) or hit me up on Twitter: @Epic_Insanity
Basic Information:
    -- Guild Level: 25
    -- Current Members: 180+
    -- Guild Type: Dedicated Raiding
    -- Officers: Dracarys
    -- Guild Master: Epicinsanity
    -- Voice Communication Used: Mumble.
    -- Guild Website: www.RA-Zuljin.com

-- Warcraft Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/7899
-- Loot System: EPGP (Addon required: EPGP Lootmaster)

Detailed Information:

<Relentless Aggression> is a community of close friends. We are a raiding guild with our main focus on progression in current content. While we enjoy having fun, we also know when it's time to buckle down and push content. We have open recruitment for social members who enjoy all aspects of World of Warcraft from dungeon runs, PVP (Arenas/Battlegrounds), questing, lore, etc. Our social members can either apply on our website, or talk to our Guild Master, Epicinsanity, in-game.

<Relentless Aggression> is a progression focused raiding guild with recruitment for specific classes (listed above), but will accept any exceptional player, and/or class. Our raiders are passionate about their classes and roles. They are constantly looking for ways to improve, take constructive criticism, and always consider the guild's priorities over their own personal glory. They are prepared to adapt to random situations they may encounter and have no issues with being aware of their surroundings. If you think you have the talent and attitude to belong in a stable progression-focused guild, we would love to see an application from you!

Social Membership
Not interested in Raiding? Just looking for a adult focused guild to call home? Come check us out. Epicinsanity has close to 7 years of Guild Master/Raid Leader experience and has been playing World of Warcraft since Classic. Relentless Aggression is always accepting new members to our community who play at their own pace, but want to be part of something bigger.

Even though we want to increase the number of members within the guild, we still strive to have quality members. Harassment, verbal abuse, elitism, sexism, or vulgar talk will not be tolerated. We are an adult guild, and we hold ourselves to that standard.
Raid Dates:
-- Tuesday and Wednesday 8-11pm EST (Server)

Current Recruitment:

** See above post.**

Current Progression:
Warlords: (All Completed while current content).
-- Hellfire Citadel: 13/13 Normal, 13/13 Heroic.
-- Blackrock Foundry: 10/10 Normal, 10/10 Heroic (Pre-patch 6.2)
--Highmaul: 7/7 Normal, 7/7 Heroic
Mists Progression (Before 6.0):
-- Tier 16: 14/14; 7/14 Heroic
-- Tier 15: 12/12, 1/13H
-- Tier 14: 16/16

If you like what you see please contact any of the following toons in-game: Epicinsanity, Trashepic, or Welfareepics (BattleTag: Epicinsanity#1952).

We look forward to hearing from you!
**Reserved for Future Information**
Do you guys need a dps warrior? I'm looking for a consistent raid schedule.

Hiya Keivon,

Sorry for the delay in response time, there was an issue with the forum log ins last time. Currently the only raiding position for a warrior in our 10 man team would be as a tank. We are always looking for additional raiders and members.

I wish you the best in finding a guild, and hit me up in game with anymore questions.
Always looking to add experience, and inexperienced raiders to our roster. It's a new expansion, it's time for something new. Check is out. Cut and paste the YouTube video link above to find out what we are all about!
Looking for a few good members. Hit me up in game, or check us out over at www.RA-Zuljin.com!
Always looking for more members to join our community! Enjoy questing, pvping, raiding, or just sitting in vent talking to friends? Come check us out!
Check out our Youtube video!
There are a lot of guilds out there, but one thing that makes us stand apart is our community. We are a tight group of gamers, family, and friends. We are always looking to add more people, even if they have no interest in raiding. Just looking for a place to chill, and have people to talk to, shoot me a message in-game! BattleTag: Epicinsanity#1952
Looking for a few DPS. If you don't see your class listed above, contact me in-game either via whisper, in game mail, or add me to your battletag!
Happy Tuesday! Lets get this part started!
Raid group is filling up pretty good, just need a few people who want to fill in as alternates on our raid nights. For progression fights, you will get solid attempts on the boss, and farm content you will also get in for kills.

We are ALWAYS looking for more members to be part of our community. Looking for a solid home, come check us out!
Looking for some more Raiders. Three spots open. Talk to me in-game.

Also need a few people to help as alternates. talk to me about the details!
Looking for a few good men or women who wanna raid with us in our progression. Talk to me in-game, I will be out of town today (11/17/12). But will be online all day tomorrow!
Still looking for a few more raiders. Going to Pug our raids until we fill. Looking to pug in? Talk to me!
Need 2-3 more raiders to fill our roster. Wanting to start raids yesterday. Good group of people just looking for a few more to fill the ranks. talk to me! lets get to killing!
Always recruiting more people who want to be part of our community. We don't just want toons, we want people who want to be apart of what we are. Come check us out. Most of us aren't bad... some do smell a little... but you get use to it!
Have the tanks and DPS, just need one more healer. Prefer a Shaman, need a bloodlust!
Always looking for solid people to add to our community. Just looking for a place to call home and not be just another face in the crowd. Come check us out!

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