[H]<Relentless Aggression> is recruiting!

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Jumped up to 4/6 MSV. But could really use a Resto Shaman who can raid twice a week Tues/Wednesday!
You know you don't want me trying to heal, so lets do this!
Still looking for a Resto shaman, or a Mage/Hunter/Ele Shaman who can raid two nights a week each week! talk to me.
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Really could use a shaman healer! Lacking the bloodlust, and I want your sexy balls of earth floating around me from time to time. I mean... did I just say that?
Still looking for a Resto Shaman for our Core 10 Man group. Only LFR experience? New to raiding? Come talk to me!

Battletag: Epicinsanity#1952
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Always looking for people who like to have fun and play with friends. Check us out, or talk to me.
Looking for a cool place to hang out? Looking for some people who want to do some stuff outside of raiding! PVP? Lore questing? Alt leveling? Come talk to me!
RA is looking for some more people to add to our ranks. Looking for people with a passion and a desire to play. We want to start running old world heroic raids to finish legendaries, grind mounts, etc.

Looking for a guild thats offers a sense of community? Come check us out over at www.RA-Zuljin.com or talk to me in-game.

BattleTag: Epicinsanity#1952

I look forward to hearing from ya!
Another day, another post! Lets keep this going. Always looking for more people to be part of our community. We may be a small guild, but we have a lot of heart!

Wanna make an alt and check us out? Bring a main? Bring a friend? Bring your whole guild? Come talk to me!
Will dead. Looking for a sub tank for HOF Wed, Jan 23 8-11pm EST (Server) talk to me.
How is everyone today?
Building a community of gamers! Come check us out!
Moving on up!
Always looking for more amazing people to add to the community! Come talk to me, hit me up in-game!
Hey there, is RA taking any new 90s?
Sure are! We are always looking for new 90s! Hit me up in game, and we can get ya set up!
Come one, come all and see the amazing golf ball a whacker guy!

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