[H]<Relentless Aggression> is recruiting!

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Looking for a new home? Come talk to me! Add me to Battle Tag, or I may be on my paladin Jowie.
If you are interested, come talk to me!
Are you the one from Uldaman?
yep! welcome Gunari to Zul'jin! We use to be Anguish, and changed to Relentless Aggression over here. You will love this server compared to Uldaman. I've been talking to Dudders already, but if you need people for MSV I have my DK (Blood/Frost DW), or my pally healer as long as the guild doesn't need me for MSV. I may be able to get some folk to help ya fill at least on Thursdays. But if you need anything, just holler at me, or have Dudders holler at me!
Will do. Nice to see a friendly face around here :D

And yes, we already like this more than Uldaman.
Lol. Yeah, doesn't take much. Don't really realize how bad it was until you leave. There are few more Old Uldaman people floating around here somewhere.
Looking for active members who want to participate in events outside of raid! Come talk to me!
Garalon down. Great progression, lets keep on moving! Running out of time! GO!
Always looking for new members, and looking for more additional raiders for 5.2! Let's make a push!
Looking for everyday players looking for a place to call home. Group of friends, 1 person, or a whole guild, we are always looking for more people to hang out with.

Our 10 man group is full for the most part, but if we get enough people looking to raid for a second team, its always an option.

Come talk to me, Epicinsanity#1952!
Not looking for a raiding guild? Well, we are looking for you! Enjoy Heroics, Scenarios, PVP, or hanging out with friends on vent. Come talk to me!

1/12 so far, but we have some motion to make!

Looking for more people to add to our groups. Possible second group forming, and working on guild events for heroics, scenarios, and PVP!
Looking for 1 Healer. Either monk or druid. Talk to me!
1 healer. Come join the fun. Working on 10 man Throne of Thunder progression.
Need 1 healer for Tues/Wed Raids. Druid/Monk no other Leather casters. COME GET YOU SOME!
Looking for a Monk healer to round out our 10 man prog team! Talk to Epic!
Could still use a Mistweaver Monk for our 10 man Progression group! Come talk to me!

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