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Looking for a Bookin with a Resto Offspec. Main focus would be DPS and helping on fights that are not two healable.
Always looking to add additional quality players with any skill set, or desire to play. Looking to do guild activites such has achievement runs, alt raid groups, Random BG groups, questing together, etc.

Come talk to me Epicinsanity#1952!
Another day, another reply. Come at me! COME GET YOU SOME!
Its Monday... we all know what that means...
Would you be interested in taking a DPS Warrior, DK Tank, Paly Healer, Monk Healer and maybe a Mage. We are all on Windrunner and it blows. We are all real life friends and I have decided to look at making a new home. If I move I think they will all follow.
Hit me up in-game and we can chat. Epicinsanity#1952
Come to the dance.
Looking for more people at add to our roster! Come talk to me.
Its Tuesday, always looking for additional members to our raid team, and our everyday players. Come check us out, or holler at me in-game!
We have IMMEDIATE openings in our raider department, please come talk to me. Or check us out at www.RA-Zuljin.com!

No matter the class or spec, we are interested in you. Come talk to me, we have spots to fill by Tuesday, April 9th!
Don't pass up this opportunity if you are looking for a raid team on ZJ. We are a great group of people who are looking to progress through ToT in a friendly and (mostly) relaxed environment. Any healers looking for a new home would certainly be welcome.
Looking for a casual relaxed new atmosphere to try out? Come check us out. Looking for all types of members, as well as a few select raiders.
Need an Additional Tank/Healer/DPS (ilvl 496+) for our Tier 15 Progression!
Tank Options: Monk/Druid
Healer Options: Druid/Monk
DPS: Hunter/Mage

Looking for a new home and play one of those classes/spec, come talk to me!
Want to give us a test drive? Come talk to me!
Looking for additional tanks, healers and DPS for our 10 man raids. Have spots open today! Come talk to me and we can see what we have open for you!
Relentless Aggression is currently seeking a full time ranged dps. Preference on mage/hunter/boomkin. However all classes are welcome and encouraged to apply at www.RA-Zuljin.com

Raid times are Tues/Wed 8-11 Est.

Or you may speak with Epicinsanity, Dracarys, Lollié (alt + 130 = é) Or myself. (Selarintha#1185)
Still recruiting for ranged DPS (Mage/Boomkin) and a healer (Resto Druid/MW Monk) for our 10 man progression team. Full time raider spot.

We look forward in hearing from you!
Looking for additional raiders and social members!

We have specific recruitment for raiders, open recruitment for all members.

Talk to Epicinsanity, or any of the officers for more details!
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