[H]<Relentless Aggression> is recruiting!

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Late night Monday bump! Lets keep the players coming. Recruiting ALL THINGS WORLD OF WARCRAFT!!!!
Looking for a Resto Druid or a Monk healer to round off our 10 man progression team. Come talk to me!
Still looking.
New recruitment.
New recruitment. Growing the guild each and every day. Seeking dedicated raiders that want to work for a common goal of progression.
Always looking for more people. Come talk to me!
Looking for a consistent tank and healer. Prefer monk or druid for either, but will consider anyone willing to show up Tues/Wed 8-11pm. Come talk to me.
I am looking for a new place to raid.

508 ilvl and 3/12 exp as a tank.

Sent you an in game mail as well, but if you are still in need of a tank I would very interested.
The 10 man raid team is coming along just fine. 10% wipe on Council. Its amazing what you can do with a full guild team!
Looking for two PUG DPS this week. Missing two DPS raiders due to work. Not making it into your guild runs this week? Don't have a raiding guild?

Come talk to me. Looking for people who WANT to progress with us. Working on Tortos. Current Progression is 3/12.
Looking for a consistent reliable off tank who can make TWO raids a week. Tues/Wed 8-11pm EST (Server Time).

Talk directly with Epicinsanity or apply at RA-Zuljin.com
Looking for a dedicated and consistent tank for our 10 man raid team. Currently 4/12 in TOT, but moving quickly. Just need a consistent 10 players to make it work!

Druid/Monk Tank perfered. Come talk to me.
Looking for a FULL TIME Monk/Druid Tank (Will consider others) for our progression 10 man team.

Looking for Alternates (Chance of FULL TIME) Healers and DPS. Come talk to me.
Interested in a new guild. Come talk to some of our new members!
In need of a FULL TIME (Two Night a week) Leather wearing tank (Druid/Monk). Tues/Wed 8-11pm EST. Progression will move quickly once we fill this spot!

Come talk to me.

Also, looking for alternates to our main group that could become full time raiders quickly!
Still looking for dedicated raiders who are geared for TOT progression.
Still looking for more dedicated raiders. Recruitment in the top post!
Looking to fill extra spots by Tuesday. Let me know if you want to check us out before going the guild!
Relentless Aggression always has open recruitment. We are always looking for new raiders, gearing up for a second team raid team right now.

And always looking for causal players looking for a new home. We have 150+ members with about 80 different accounts in the guild. Looking for a mature gaming atomosphere, talk to any of the officers, or myself!

Its Tuesday. That means a new raid week! Excited to get into TOT and kill some bosses.

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