Day of the Dead 2012

General Discussion
I was hoping that the Macabre Marionette would be an actual pet this year. Oh well.

Go make sure to /dance with the NPC's and stuff for a free costume buff. If you're looking to do the Grateful Dead achievement to get the non-pet-but-still-a-pet Macabre Marionette, make sure to get the Marigolds from the NPC, some Dead Bread, and your races town graveyard. Pandaren will have to go to Shattrath and can turn in to Scryers or Aldor.
Sad now. Oh well, it's a neat mini event anyway.
Yeah, I'm disappointed, too, especially considering the undead pet category is underpopulated as it is. Nearly Headless Jacob, the master pet tamer in Crystalsong Forest, even uses one as a battle pet.

Next year, please?
Shattrath? I can get a guildmate to port me, but geez...this is really screwed up, Blizzard!

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