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It seems to be just Amber-Shaper Un'sok and Essence of Horror today on Korgath, if anybody needs those.
Was Ess of Horror up after the reset or did i miss him?
He IS up today, after the reset on my server (Korgath) as far as I'm aware!
thanks! now i gotta find an alliance on korgath :D
Rocktunneler, Garalon, and Dread Ambercrusher on Hyjal. I have horde and alliance toons if you need them. Still need Wind Lord. Plzkthxbai
I need Rocktunneler! I'll be adding you shortly.

Edit: Thanks a million. I'll keep posting to let people know what's up on my server if people need i!
Garalon, Essence of Dread and Venomlancer today....

Guess who I still need...
Bladelord, Ambercrusher only 2 I saw.

Anyone at all see Wind Lord today? Been trying for this one guy for a while now everyday.
Garalon, Ambercrusher only two I noticed today.

Random is random, but this is getting ridiculous trying to get Wind Lord.
I still need Amber Earthshaker and Dread Fearbringer, the latter of which only spawns when I'm not flying over with the mantid dude.

Abindia's Log Day 23, I have encountered 3 strange beings on my usual routine. One named Imperial Vizier Zor'lok, another named Ambercrusher, and a third named Rocktunneler. All considered hostile and should be bombed on site. Still no sign of my previously assigned target: Wind Lord. Abindia out.
Woohoo! He finally spawned! I'm done with this. If anyone needs Wind Lord, let me know I'll be around until probably 11:30 PST.
Just a note on this: This daily now removed from quest logs at the 3am (PST) reset, so you will no longer be able to 'hold' onto it to complete the achievement.

Looks legit. Very annoying if that is the case.
That seems like a very unnecessary nerf... maybe they plan on increasing the number of spawns per daily?
>>>Wind Lord Mel'jarak.<<<<

For the last 4 months I've been checking every day the quest has been available, but to no avail.

Increase it!
Been looking for Amber-Shaper Un'sok for a week now.

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