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Friday, Friday FRIDAY!

Where are YOU raiding this weekend? I'm gonna recruit - watch for Jeenya and Onafi around Stormwind - stop and say HI if you see me!
Just btw, some of the topics we've talked about on Elysium's website in the past couple weeks:

Draenei ages - when does a Draenei mature, what is a child?
Warlocks - what should be done about them? Excommunication or just kill 'em?
Draenei tails - useful devices or just decorations?

C'mon over to elysium-mg.enjin.com and join in the discussion! You don't need to be in Elysium to talk on the forums!
It's Friday Night - let's do the BUMP!
Since it has been a topic of discussion, and because we are always looking for people to chatter about our love for the Draenei with, we are going to be hosting a public Draenei chat channel in the very near future!

Credit for the idea goes to Jeenya. +2 cookies for you.

Details will be posted later today. Stay tuned!
Sounds like a plan to me!
<looks around> Anyone in here?
I hear the echo of my heartbeat - too quiet even for crickets!
The public Draenei channel is now up and available for all to use, except those eredar guys they'll mess it up like always. channel name is DraeneiPub command join :)
Yay - I'm even there. Or I was. And I will be again. Just in case yall want to "hear" me.
Here I am again - it's not Monday yet .. thank goodness!
<sigh> Ok, now it's Monday...
<sigh> Ok, now it's Monday...

Well I like Mondays because that means tommorrow is Tuesday which means all the BC raids I run weekly get reset so I get another chance at phat transmog lewts.
/waggles for Elysium. <3 youse guys! :D
/waggles for Elysium. <3 youse guys! :D

<3 <3
I'm Jeenya, and I approve this waggle.
Being on the second page is unacceptable.

Please feel free to join us in the DraeneiPub channel now, even if you're not a Draenei! (shame on you!)
Hah, it likes me again.

So there!
Sup, y'all?

I just posted another posting on the post place.

About death.

How do you handle "death" in an RP?
Bumpity bump bump.
It's Friday - let's do the BUMP!

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