Celestial experience and

Bug Report
in Tian Monastery killing those dummy bags. Both quests wont complete. I'm a mistweaver so dont do huge dps, the dummy bag dps down took TIME, and twice I killed the bags, they disapeared, and I was not given credit for completing the quest, abandon it, relog, try again (takes me 10 minutes or so to do this quest because of low dps) kill the bags, they disapear....no credit for completion. GRRRR abandoned it and moved on after leaving the computer in frustration for a while.

Celestial experience quest, I run through the first fights, kill the versions of myself, the fights are long and very time consuming again because I'm a mistweaver and dont do high dps (I dont use my offspec, not interested in it). Get to Varian, dance all over, loooong fight (thank goodness for Mana Tea) remaining in the circle in the center of the room (I never left that area once even when dodging his whirling maneuver). He gets to about 1/4 health and vanishes, poof. I stand, waiting for him to pop up behind me or something....nothing. I go get a drink...nothing, I'm out of combat and the quest is not complete. GRRR. Abandon it, reload ui, start over. Again, Varian poofs away near 1/4 health. I log off for the night, come back this morning to try again, same thing. I can not complete the quest because Varian chickens out? How am I supposed to unlock the gate so I can set my hearth to Two Moons??
The dummy bags happen to my monk as well. What I do is move on the find the dummy with exact 100% HP pool.
I believe those dummies killed by previous person who have dot on them will have the tag because dummy hp will reset to 100% after killed and keep the dot.

I suggest you ask for some dps to help with the quests if you are not capable of switch to WW spec and try to dps it.
11/02/2012 09:03 AMPosted by Zalndraeda
I suggest you ask for some dps to help with the quests if you are not capable of switch to WW spec and try to dps it.

Most of the time it isn't an issue, my fights take a little longer but nothing terrible, and a quest here or there that takes more time doesn't bother me, unless, like in the cases of these two quests, I do all the work, put in the time, and dont get credit.

I unfortunately have learned to check everything I start fighting, I've had priests, DKs, mages and hunters tag things just as I ran up to them and stand back and watch while I did their work for them, dirty cheating seems to be common now in wow and sadly I've had to get sharp about NOT allowing myself to get cheated, so I checked those bags before I dug into them, like I check everything anymore. Sad that it's a part of playing now, but that's how it is. Hate the direction the community has gone, sucks a huge part of the fun out of the game.

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