Some Disclosure about My Live Stream

So, I do not abuse the system at which to connect to hundreds of players via chat channels, advertising the Crisp Live Stream in-game, however I do usually send (1) message nightly if there is a special event, giveaway, or Wednesdays where I buy a viewer dinner. However, it came up last night where a couple of chat room attendants were rather put off by my message and I wanted to touch on a few things.

1- The Live Stream Estate)
As Live Streaming has become a much more popular thing in recent months, I have been working at my stream since the Fall of 2011. Before then, I have been an avid Youtube content builder, albeit at my own pace of boss kills and machinima, etc. My work has even been front paged and featured on WCM, which you can find with a search for BayTLM.

2- The Live Stream Outlook)
I treat my Live Stream as a Job, with scheduled times, content at which will be shown, professional graphic design work to make the channel look nice and accessible with roll-over links for easy navigation. I take pride in all the leaps and bounds I have done over this past near-year to better build my channel to be a place the Community can enjoy entertaining commentary, live knowledgeable QnA and get to participate in the Boss Strat forming and downing of progression oriented endgame content for Raiders.

I personally feel I have a more "Day[9]'esque" approach to my channel, with going into 1st Person, telling stories, singing and overall high amounts of chat room interaction, and hope to continue to evolve and grow into the future.

Having been inspired by Day[9], MikeB aka Fony, Gamebreaker.TV and even the sexiest head of hair in WoW, Lore, I try and put as much effort into my programming as possible, within reason, as to provide an evening that can be enjoyed by the many facets of players whom traverse the World of Warcraft.

3- The Live Knowledge)
To those on Baelgun who are unfamiliar with my history, a brief overview can be noted as follows: I have raided as high as US16th during the end of TBC and all throughout Wrath of the Lich King in <Impervious> which was made slightly internet famous for the rogue "Jider" and his "Jiderstep" videos of soloing raid bosses. During my time there, I experienced the hardcore, relentless, 5night a week, 6-7hr raiding schedule that, even compared to the Top10 Raiding Guilds in the world, pales in comparison but when compared to the remaining Top100, seems rather standard but still extremely involved and time consuming.

Additionally, before my time with <Impervious> and then for many moons after I left due to moving/job/life/taking a break, I have always been an Officer or, more time, as a Raid Leader for a Server 1st Guild. Notably downing C'thun within the huge hustle and bustle of the Top World 100 right after the hot fixes. Taking down Illidan in the Top 100 World. And always being the upmost progressed guild either on Lothar, Exodar, or Quel'Dorei.

4- The Live Longevity)
I have been around for a very long while, Beta #4 to be exact, and I greatly enjoy the game still, as MoP has proven to be the most fun I've had since TBC, without a doubt. And with that moving forward, there is going to be so much to show the community from Raiding, Brawlers Guild, Pet-Battle Tournaments, possible PVP (even though I got carried to 2200 in Season10, and shant deny I am bullox at such endeavors,) and Live Events such as the Horde VS Alliance Guru'bashi Arena event that Bless the Martyr and Crisp did before MoP launched.

5- The Live Wrap Up)
I fancy myself well off with my real job outside of the stream, and with that I do tend to do many Giveaways to the viewers, either In-game items, pets, mounts. Also I do a weekly giveaway that is worldwide to buy a lucky viewer $20 in dinner/lunch depending on where the are in the world. Soon I wish to incorporate mailing items that I have obtained from previous Blizzcons and other events, or donations, around the world. Steam wallets are also on the table, for those that may not only play WoW. And many other ideas, such as mailing etsy paintings, creations and other such nonsenseical items that my friends create.

I post screenshots of the Dinner winners on my facebook, where pet/mount winners are also featured. I want to be able to look back months/years from now and see all the fun I had with the many, many winners as it continually grows. I feel that not only do viewers like to be acknowledged by a Live Streamer, but being part of their own little community is also very important for them to feel appreciated and that I enjoy their viewing me as much as they enjoy watching me be a fool 4-5 nights a week.

I have a Fan Guild on Baelgun already established for Horde/EU/AUS viewers to roll a character in which will eventually turn into Viewer LFR runs, or Challenge Modes, Dungeons, Pet-Battles, etc. And I have run out of space.

I really am trying to do something more than just a guy, playing wow, or trolling in Arenas or blindly playing without much regard or care for his/her viewers. With so much information, questions, and content to cover that many many players of the community want to see/know about/learn, I hope you'll all understand a little more of where I am coming from.

As always, any questions? flames? flirts? By all means, proceed.

I was interested in reading it.

Keep writing your forum novels Bay!
no you weren't
Yes I was. 100% truths.

I've been around internet gaming communities since 1989 back in college. The game of the day was a DikuMUD, which was open sourced and many versions floating around. I spent 5 years of my life in a very tight nit community with Lords of Legends where I was once voted in as King of the realm for an age (oh that was fun :P). I have other accolades as well but, honestly, most would not even know what I was talking about nor care much. But it does add color to ones life, at least I think so.

The point in my post, is that I've been around the block a time or two. I've seen the good and the bad from people all over the world when it comes to online gaming communities.

Let met advise you, no matter how much fun you are having, no matter how much positive good you are bringing to a community ... There are haters who are gonna hate because that's what they do, that's all they know how to do.

You don't need to explain yourself to them, they don't matter. All they want to do is destroy and tear you down in their own mind so they themselves look better to others, again in their own mind.

Sooo, keep up the good work! Keep on rockin', Keep on Truckin' .. keep on keepin' on. I'm willing to wager that far more people are enjoying the community you are building than those who are trying to shake it down.

Think positive man!

FYI all you would ever want to know about Lords of Legend and were afraid to ask -->
Oh Dare, how I enjoy reading proper and composed forums responses from you just as much as your silly dilly-danglings. You are indeed a seasoned gentlemen of the community and I'm glad you're here.

I appreciate your vote of confidence and kind words. And don't worry, I know exactly what you mean. Being where I have been in WoW over the many years, and brief times in other MMOs or online games, I'm no stranger to the Trolls (in the dungeons) that lurk for no other reason than to use the Internet Anonymity Monster as a cloak to shield themselves and post snide, hurtful and debase comments about others because they are too chicken to do so without it.

I usually just embrace the trolling, because as I am also a Film Graduate working in the Entertainment Industry, I am no newbie to how people treat others. Any publicity, is good publicity. And I'm sure your last notes ring clear and true, that I know there are more than are enjoying, than hating. For I, other than my terrible vocal stylings and moments of derptasticness, give them nothing to hate that I can't bounce right back from with a witty retort. It's as a game to me and my viewers.

that's a whole lot of paragraphs explaining how pompous and unworldly you are

kids these days
Ah yes, to be a kid again. I miss playing with worms and watching cartoons.
Well...maybe one of those things.
any outside activity is a good activity. Take advantage!
I have a date Sunday with a hot chick. I'm going to the "Tonga Room" at the Fairmont in San Francisco.

Notice the prices on the menu? You see, I went to college, I earned my degree. In addition I work hard at my job and advanced nicely through the years.

Because of all my hard work I put in during the week, I can play on the weekends ... "outside" as you put it. And I can afford to pay cash for it. This isn't a dutch date btw. I'm covering the whole thing.

Btw. how's Mikey-D's at your mom's house?

PS I play WOW a lot too, it's a hobby of mine :)
that's all largely uninteresting to me because you are a pampered upper middle class chunky white boy going on a date with someone I would likely find unattractive

earning your degree would imply that you paid for it, and not your parents
Oh you are a fun one.

I paid for everything, and I worked hard for everything I have in life. I am self made. It took me 6 years to get a 4 year degree because I did pay for it, I worked through college.

Your racist hatred is seething from you now, you played the class-race-hate card and are assuming much.

How does it feel to be mentally on the same level as the all the other race hating groups?

Pity, you are so jealous that someone would actually make something of themselves and can't for the life of you figure out why you can't get out of your mom's basement.
so basically it took you 6 years to do what I did in 4? you're a bum
Yes it did, 3 years at a JC when I worked full time, part time student.
Transferred to a "4 year" college took a semester and a half to get caught up with stuff the JC didn't offer then finished.

Three years in each school .. 6 overall ... There are people doing it in 10~15. They "fell in love" got married, had a kid or two along the way needed to work to pay bills and do the real life thing ... A lot of these people are taking night classes at the four-year.

Not everyone can do it quickly. Not everyone has an opportunity to do so .. Some of us have to roll with the blows life deals us and just keep on plugging through one day at a time.

I would have liked to gone to a 4 year and got it done in 4 years. I prefer working to going to school myself, but it just wasn't going to happen. It wasn't the poker hand life dealt me :/
Wow Adam..

so basically you're a lazy bum

Anyway, back on topic. Bay, I'm glad that you posted this. I actually enjoy your stream and wish that I had more time to watch. Keep doing you; there's always going to be someone who complains, someone who goes out of their way to trash talk, and someone who wants to bring you down. I've had my fair share of it making a name for myself and for and I'm positive that I won't see the last of it.. neither will you.
you can't "make a name for yourself" on the internet in a game called world of warcraft

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