Armory is not showing old arena teams

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My apologies if this thread has been made before, I looked for one but did not see it(well, there's quite a few threads on the armory ladders not updating, and could mean this issue as well, but the ladders are updating often since the maintenance just still not showing old arena teams).

I was curious why some of my arena teams were not showing up on the arena ladders, and then it became quite obvious what was going on. Currently, it seems that the armory ladder page does not show arena teams made before MoP.

And while your "old" arena team gets a ranking #(based on what you were for the tick over of the previous week), the ladder page does not seem to respect it. And instead of leaving that ranking spot blank, it will show another team in that place(before anyone even has a chance to play and change the ladders up).

This also begs the question that if it is not fixed, would it mess up end of season rewards?

Hopefully this is a known bug and will be fixed soon. As it has been messed up since the start of the season.

And if it does not get fixed, it would be nice to know if I should remake my team sooner than rather later(assuming it would actually mess with end of season rewards).
I didn't see this topic anywhere else on bug report forums either so...
I'm having the same issue. Not that I care that much about 2s ladder but my team doesn't even exist on the armory ladder. I'd just like to know whats up before I start my 3s team.
thanx in advance
I am experiencing the same frustrating problem. Can this be fixed or will this be a glitch that we just have to live with?

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