(A) RNG MV 6/6 , HoF 5/6 Recruiting

RNG is a hardcore progression raiding guild looking to recruit exceptional players for our core team! Current raiding times are 7pm server - 11 pm server on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday however other nights might be scheduled for progression. All raiders must be experienced , fully gemmed and enchanted. We are currently working on Heroic MV and regular HoF. All applicants will be tested on your ability to stay alive and DANCE !!

Highest Priority:

Shaman Healer i475+ with a dps offset
Warlock i475+
Monk dps i475+
Exceptional Tank i475+

You will be expected to to show up on time and make 90% of the raids. Pst to me in game for a trial .

Officer of RNG
Still recruiting! Apply now
Rack rack city, bit#h
Ok Rawkz keep smoking that stuff LOL

Anyways RNG is still looking for Exceptional players to join our core Team!

Highest priority still listed above.
481 resto shammy with ele off set but can only do tue / wed due to job...
Hello, im currently on vashj, and it is horrid for raiding im MS prot ilvl 479/OS holy ilvl 463, and would like to get a spot with a guild before i pay the $25, would love to hear back from ya.
Our GM is a Pally Tank and 1 of our main healers is a Pally . So Group 1 is not looking for another pally at the this time however group 2 could probably use you guys. Send tell in game to Gnomomma.

Shatter We will pass on you , thanks anyway.

RNG currently ranked 9th on server. Looking to start Endless Spring this coming week! Still looking for a healer and Awesome DPS. Get with me in game Lets Du ET !!!

Recruiting Officer

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