Rate that Rogue Xmog above you!

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@ Poptya 6/10, shoulders don't really match that well and your OH fist weapon transmog is backwards.. otherwise nice

I like the naxx set, but wish the daggers were a different color ><.
8.5/10 Everything looks so simplified but in a good way.
@ zester 7.5

I like the green it's just weird with the red of a blood elf showing with it in my opinion.

P.S. Mine looks better when I log out with my Fel-Steel Longblades.
you look like a samurai wolf with 2 opposite color glowing weapons
10/10 I really dig the look and the daggers match
8/10 on the green cat suit. i've never seen that before, then again, i haven't been around transmog threads either

I really want the daggers Pikachuchu has, I saw I could get them in Karazhan, but i got stuck on the chess match battle, and ran out of time
@ locke

7/10 for the bandit look but not digging those un-xmorged weapons
Keep getting the green sunwell set and you'll look great!

For now 3/10 sorry ;(

Not very flashy but the scheme works, and I like how the hair highlights match the bright armor spots.

I know mine is unoriginal, but I've always loved how male NEs look in this armor, and with the legendaries I have Bloodfangs of the Father. Plus when the wings proc they match perfectly.
8/10 Bloodfang stuff is really cool. Always has.
Excuse my bear claws -.-
the one above me is a warlock and the one above that has antlers :O

1/10 for the both of yas

haters gonna hate
Svanhildr 8/10, looks very druidy, must be funny when people die to you.
Ruthless looks good, but is pretty common.
Also, does anyone know why armory won't show tabards? :(

I like the colour, weapons...ewwwie lols

@your question Tekton, it does show, equipt it, /camp, close wow completely, give it 3mn or so, and go check armory.
6/10 Cool Daggers, good chest piece to build off of, then the rest goes in an I-don't-know? direction. :(

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