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Shattered Hand
Hey everyone,
So recently a couple of us in Enclave and Meifumado set out to get realm first Gold Conq during the week of the hurricane with raid numbers out of power. As someone with a few US 1sts and 2nds under his belt, this proved to be the most challenging and demanding content I have ever experienced. Yes, even harder than Muru progression before they nerfed Entropius’s health. If you have not yet experienced these tightly tuned dungeons, I really recommend you grab some friends and attempt to get a few golds. Some may prove easier than others but all together I promise a truly rewarding experience.

Here is a video of us finishing in Shado-Pan Monestary and getting the Realm First achievement. (In retrospect we should have finished that one sooner since it was pretty straight forward and long enough to change our strat and even now we know where we can speed it up)

With the lack of people who have even been able to get a bronze (except from a few from Tyranny and a couple in The Business) in these challenge modes and just talking to a few people in other guilds, it’s apparent that people are having a hard time finding either the time, guildies, or even skill to get what you want.

A majority of the people that I have talked to most just want the mount – which requires all challenge modes to have a silver time or better.

With this understanding, for those who are unable or unwilling but still want the reward, we are providing two services to the server.

120K - Package #1
My team and I will be selling the Silver Challenger Pandaren Phoenix for 120K.

Screenshot -

*Note* - This is under the understanding that you do not have any silvers completed.
You save 6K by just purchasing a full run through of each instance.

14K - Package #2
My team and I will be selling each silver run for 14k each.

Each package will provide all 18 second invisibility potion and optional DPS potions; in addition we will provide you with flasks and reimburse your guild/solo repairs for any outside deaths that get rid of sated.

28K - Package #3
My team and I will be selling each gold run for 28k each.

This package provides all of the perks from the others. This is not a guarantee for every single gold. We will do our part to help you get the ones you might be missing for your meta.


Anyone who is interested in purchasing, please contact myself in game or send me an in-game mail.

Kind Regards,

*Edit* - For those who have whispered and asked me about gold runs. Gold run prices are determined purely at the demand required for each of the golds. For example, the Mogushan Palace Gold is nowhere near as easy as the Siege of Niuzao Temple gold and therefore not able to have a flat rate for. We have been discussing what we seem to be fare and have not come to a conclusion. If you are interested in just Golds – please contact me and we can work out a deal that is fair to the “carries” and to you, the buyer.
Can I get a gold run because I'm good? That warrior armor looks good on a fem orc.
Yeah we can talk, but to be fair, you have other guildies that run them I'm pretty sure. I previously talked to Loochy - he said you guys were focusing on raiding more atm so if you are serious about getting particular golds we can work it out.

Hit me up in game though either way.
You forgot a member from Synergy bud. Judging from posts, REAL ID whispers, and ventrilo conversations, you guys certainly didn't carry me as you're making it out to be (i took the blame for nearly every challenge mode wipe). I came up with the strat on where to stack on the first boss for ranged in Scholo, as well as provided tons of dps and utility to the group. Seeing as we got 12th U.S. (10th at one point) for Scarlet Halls as well; which we could easily improve on, I feel as if I should be given some credit...

And i'm definitely not paying you.

You promised me the golds after you three got realm first, in which you were kind of selfish about because no one was even on your tails. Literally, no one. You guys kept thinking *The Business* cared when in reality they didn't give a !@#$. I tried to tell you guys this multiple times, but it kept getting pushed aside.

Anyways, after I put in nearly 20 hours of Gold Runs this weekend, and almost lost my girlfriend trying to help you, I deserve some %^-*ing credit... along with help getting golds.

If you aren't able to reply/help within the next week,

I will take matters into my own hands, and we all don't want that to happen because every time will be obliterated. :)

because every time will be obliterated. :)

wait what

because every time will be obliterated. :)

wait what

Did I misspell it?
i think there needs to be a "you" in there
After getting spam whispered and removed from Real ID friends by Vincent here, I hope that he at least adheres to my rule and "replies" on the forum post. I didn't say "reply" for you to whisper me 1-on-1 in game. You did not apologize in 1-on-1 whispers, but you simply bashed me and got pissed, telling me to remove the former post. You then proceeded to remove me from Real ID after I ignored the following whispers. I guess you still don't get it my friend.

But if you want to be money hungry and sell Golds, I will do the same for people for free. I will be forming a group one week from now. On any day that I'm not raiding, (I raid Tues/Thurs) I will invite one player whom is not in my main group and we will the proceed to get you 1 gold each time the group is online and is ready/wants to do them.

Whisper me if you have any questions.

This will not start until a week from now, and it will only go on if Vincey continues his money-hungry rampant.

Oh, and have a good day everyone reading this! :)
Had no sleep, plus you pressured, plus you should read the following twitter references:




#lol ^^
Loochy, go tax people on blade's edge under the bridge kay? KKKAY BAII!

P.S. don't forget to stay in stealth and please don't come near the opposing side or your own side, your best bet is to mount and rush for shadow sight and pray to God you make it, or you'll instantly get hunter's marked like a BK (bad kid).

because every time will be obliterated. :)

wait what

hai calvin *wave*
Just wondering, Idareyou, were you not in Enclaves vent tonight to do your raid? #youmadbro
Please carry me through golds.


K, done with the twitter hashtags! Lol.
Oh, and we will be getting a ventrilo server very shortly when we decide how many people are going to be allowed onto the server at one setting.
I have all silvers already but would be interested in buying some gold runs. Probably sometime late December when I can get some time off.


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