[H] <Dreadwaste Defilers> prepares for war

Emerald Dream
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Ankors lack of lower jaw only allowed a semi-manicial laugh, more like a gurgle, but much more scary, I assure you...

Oh it is scary. *Bites cigar*
I demand both a cigar and dried spider.

Thanks in advance.
11/11/2012 05:43 PMPosted by Atheistmage
My rectum hurts quite a bit.

Haha I bet, btw when a lvl 50 priest randomly invites you to a group, there may be ulterior motives. Weissebeer says hi :P

I do give you credit for hanging in there, I'll buy ya a brew when you hit 90.
o hey guise kan i rpe??
This thread needs a.....




Just got in some new members last night!

We are growing.

Also nice to be working with other RP PVP guilds on Emerald Dream
I like this guild.

*blows kisses at Gjuice*
I like this guild.

*blows kisses at Gjuice*

Had a blast last night with you folks and Sanguine Legion. We had some fun fights around Fairbreeze and Darn.
Sure did! Who needs healers, anyway?
Ankhor. I brought my hpal back horde. I'll message you guys tonight.

missed you guys!
sick! welcome back old friend
I can't wait to get back to drooling over Geej's pole

The sisterhood can join us as long as Belladoria stops talking about T a m p o n s.

Hey, that was me.

And you started it.


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