Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 Graphics: Shadow Issue

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Hello all!

I just installed a new graphics card on my XPS 435t/9000 and it significantly boosts my gaming power with every game I have.

I was able to max out every setting in WoW except for shadow quality. For some reason it barely looks like there is a difference between good and ultra. I don't know what to make of it and if there is any quick fix or patch I should be looking at.

Any POSITIVE feedback welcome.

Thanks again.
No one?
Ok, when you select "high" shadows, it does the dynamic (realistic) player shadows in a certain radius around you (I'm not sure what the exact distance is). Anything outside that radius will have environment shadows (meaning players that are outside that radius will not have shadows).

If you select "ultra", it extends the dynamic shadows to the entire scene (meaning everything you can see). For practical purposes, all this does is let you see other player's shadows further away. This has VERY little visual effect (as you've noticed), and is EXTREMELY taxing on the hardware. Even the most powerful systems will struggle on this setting, unless you are out in the world not around many other players (in which case it makes no difference).

I recommend leaving shadows on "high" for that reason, no matter what kind of system you have.
Yeah, it was just more noticeable with my other graphics card that I was visibly able to see the shadows whereas I am unable now.

I was wondering if there was some sort of issue or area within the interface that I was overlooking.
Honestly, the difference between high and ultra shadows...well your video card isn't going to make a difference. If your video card can handle high, it can handle ultra. Ultra shadows stress the CPU (compared to high), not the GPU. GPU load is going to be the same between high and ultra.

Even on high end systems, I've found ultra shadows to not really be worth the performance hit.

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