WTB lvl 20+ guild

Anyone here interested in letting one go? Let me know pls :)
There was a lock in trade the last couple days trying to sell his lvl 25 guild if you don't mind faction transferring it. Pretty sure his name is Villaa.
I have a Guild level 25 in ghostalands, 8 tabs and no members, near no acheivements. I am planning in transfer that to turalyon and can sold to you ,

Guild name : http://us.battle.net/wow/en/guild/ghostlands/Never%20Chaos/
edit by : real id removed
I am brenda too. We made a Tentative deal to stormreaver server , and go to do next friday.

Anyway i dont decide yet if i do in this char or in another, but is this guild.

Guild name : http://us.battle.net/wow/en/guild/ghostlands/Never%20Chaos/

For your information.
WTS Level 25 Guild. 1755 achievement points, all bank tabs and perks. Name change will be included in the price. Message Ardente#1682.
WTS lvl 25 guild on US -Turalyon

7 Guild Bank Tabs A bunch of Achievements

Please msg me for more info

Battle Net Name . Mookacha#1595
We make a deal, and today i ind myself removed in realid, seek him and he say he go to update the forum today. I assume he dont plan told to me.

What a waste of 4 days of time.

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