You walk into the tavern....

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
And in the corner is a large elf, Who, if he were standing, would stand almost as tall as an ogre. His weapons are laid out on the table, and he's leaning back in the chair, waiting
A Priest approached the table and sees price tags on his weapons. Clearly this elf was having identity problems; a mid-life crisis of such. Why does this elf want to be a goblin so badly?
The preist rest against the bar, a cool uninterested look on her face, and she peers at the elf with slit eyes, half ladden with suspision, and morbid couriosty. She seems to notice his demenor is that of one who is waitting for something. she smiles to herself and watches,interested in the tall elf, wondering what his wait is for.....
Average tauren sees all that's going on, and starts taking recruits for his Gnome Punting team
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And in the corner is a large elf, Who, if he were standing, would stand almost as tall as an ogre. His weapons are laid out on the table, and he's leaning back in the chair, waiting

* Steps into the tavern and stops, allowing her eyes to adjust to the interior lighting, then scans the room until she sees him*

Offering a smug smile and saucy wink she makes her way to him. Stands across the table from him lightly tracing her finger over his weapons.

"Shall we have a drink first or just get right to it, Elf?"

Without waiting for a response, pulls her tabard over her head and drapes it across the back of the chair. Tunic, axe, shoulder armor, gloves and boots follow until the chair beside her is piled high and she is standing comfortably in her pink mageweave shirt and calf length leggings.

Laughing at the big male in front of her teasingly, steps closer then deftly hooks one foot under the rail of the leaning chair sending him crashing to the floor.

Sticking her tongue out impudently, turns on bare heels and bolts for the door, " Catch me if ya can biggun! Last one to the guardhouse does the dishes!"
The above average height human enters the tavern, only to have a small figure run headlong into him.

"Oh, pardon me"...

The human, now recovered from the collision, takes in his surroundings.

"Oh its just a blood elf.."

The human chuckles as he makes his way to a seat and orders a bottle of wine.
The preist watches with a light amusment at the womans antics and chuckles again more to herself than anything. The look fades to wistfullness as she remembers the one she use to play with as such. She looks up as the human is almost knocked down it seems, by the scampering girl, and eyes him as he enters. She looks him up and down, noticing everything, from the upkeep of his armour to the color rimming his pupils. She sips her wine and continues to casualy observe the going-on's in the tavern, hesitant to speak, for she knows no one here.
I walk in, muttering under my breath. "Lousy Forsaken. Can't leave Gilneas well enough alone, can they? Rest of the Horde can't stand to be civilized, to boot." Angry, I mistakethe nearby blood elf priest for Sylvanas herself, whom I immediately slug directly in the face.
The human, roused after having too much to drink, wakes to see the worgen druid punching the blood elf.

"Whoa, there. We can't be gettin ourselves in trouble now, can we? Besides.." The human leans in closer to the worgen to whisper, "she's just a blood elf. Save your anger for the orcs, friend. But this is neither the time, nor the place."
Stunned by the blow, she is knocked back slamming into the bar before sliding to the floor.She looks up and the look in here eyes is chillin enough to make a death night squeamish. Im one quick move, not at al expected of a simple preist she jumps up, the blood spilling from her face splashes as she moves.In an instant she is before the Worgan, her blade against his throat as she says in a rasp,"just what the hell was that for mutt?"
with a look of comtempt and distain she glares at the human"And just what do you have to do with this? she hisses at him shrply.
a barely disguised flash of amusement crossed the man's face as he begins to respond. "Absolutely nothing, of course. You will have to forgive my worgen friend, here. He has been affected rather adversely by the Sha, perhaps even leaving a permanent mark upon him. He has been rather violent, as of late. You will have to forgive his brash nature."

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She laughs, spitting the now slowing flow of blood into the air, "The sha? So this is the beasts excuse now?" She glares at the worgan, her breath short and fast as the adrenalin still runs and waits for some sort of response from him.
*walks in and sees the ogre-sized elf and throw his hands in the air* "I'm done!"
The human glances around and mutters, "pah, might as well..." the human then mutters a few unintelligible words under his breath, resuilting in a pale glow of light around the elf. "There, I healed any damage he might have done. Please, accept my apology for his outburst."
Cyn steps back and looks at them both obviously perplexed. she sheaths the dagger and tucks it away and moves back to the bar muttreing under her breath"He punches me in the face and the human thinks prety lights will help" She then turns back to the 2, a flaggon of mead in her hands and atempts to be civil."Very well then, i do thank you, so tell me what brings you and your friend to these parts, and how in the world did he manage the touch of the sha?" She looks to them both with a questioning glance and relaxes a bit, visably sizing them both up as she waits for a response from either.
The human glances at the worgen, then reaches for his wine on his table. "In truth, I do not know how he became affected by the sha so thoroughly, I can only surmise. Maybe he encountered one in person? Who can tell but he himself, if he even knows anymore. And I myself am here for news, and a drink, among other things. What of yourself?" The man, glancing at the worgen, sips from his goblet.
Begining to settle down she takes her spot by the bar again and drinks from her mug."Ehh im just relaxing, i was bored and thought i would come in to see what i could find". She would laugh softly and smile for the first time since there meeting." I am begining to think I should have stayed at home."

She looks to the worgan again, this time with a symblance of empaty for the man and Mutters aloud" Has anything been learned of dealing with a Sha infection i wonder?"
Glancing at the worgen himself, he shrugs and says, "Who knows? Perhaps a cleansing totem, since the sha seem to be part of the land. Or a druid, maybe even a priest. One thing is for sure, its rather clear which sha he's infected with. I can only hope its not contagious."
I laugh. "Not much can save me now, human. The Sha has been too deeply engrained to be cleansed. It isn't all bad though. Watch this." I shapeshifted into the form of the moonkin, typical of those charged with balance. But it was noticeably different. Instead of the typical purple form of a clean druid, my form was all grey and black, and in place of the white glow of the eyes there burned an icy blue fire. "My spells are all the same, if not heightened. It's also the same for the rest of my forms, but not my worgen one."
A handsome human warrior walks into the bar. After a long day's work he sits himself in a small lighted corner and orders a drink. Looking around he notices A Worgen, A Human, and a Blood Elf talking in whisper near his seat. The warrior unbuckles his weapon belt and places his weapons and small bags on the table, grinning with relief as he is finally able to relax. The man sips from his ale as he continues to scan the perimeter, squinting from the dim lights that filled the tavern.

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