You walk into the tavern....

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
((Sorry im still here, had rl agro for quite a bit and feign death didnt work :D))

She looks to the worgan and watches his explanation, quiet curious as she listens to what he has to say. "It is quite unfortunate, and i do apoligise for the knife at your throat" she says with a small chuckle, "of course after a punch in the face im sure even you would expect no less" With a long drawn out sigh she raise's up and moves to take her spot by the bar once more quietly saying "I will leave you two to discuss things among yourself, and i hope you can find some help for your afilction Sir." with that she pads back to the bar and grabs her mug, begining to sip again, scanning the room as another human walks in. She shakes her head and sighs once more, feeling a bit out of place now, she smiles softly at them all and begins to make motions of preparing to leave.
As Gallius ponders in silence he notices that the female blood elf stands up and leaves the table leaving the two behind. Taking this as an opportunity to get some information, he gets out of his chair and heads for the two. "How are you gentlemen this fine evening" he asks, promptly sitting himself beside the two. "That elf wasn't causing any trouble was she?" asked the warrior. "I cant stand them, always the ones to start conflict." chuckles the warrior.

His laugh was deep and fortified, yet soft and welcoming. His true attitude expressing years of experience in combat.
Over hearing the other humans question, she laughs to herself."If the brute only knew she thought." Growing rather bored of seeing aliance and their arogance she throws back her drink, finishing it in one gulp, and walks to the door to leave, but not before turning with a mischevious glance, and with a small smile, she looks back at the three and blows them all a kiss as she walks out of the door.
Disturbing elf sees all that is going on and goes back to flirting with male gnomes in the background.
The blood elf walks past him just as he enters the tavern. He couldn't help but glance back at her, curious of the smile she had as she left. Shrugging he walks into the tavern and lets his eyes adjust the the light change. He notices three Alliance all sitting at a table and decides to simply ignore them and take a seat in a corner booth of the tavern. Muttering to himself he removes his weapons and orders a drink. As he sits down he thinks of the days events and starts to feel the fatigue catch up on him. Slowly but surely his eyes grow heavy and is soon asleep in the corner.
I grinned. "That human was right" I muttered under my breath. "I shouldn't have wasted so much time on the blood elf." I looked at the Orc. "Looks like my true target just walked in..."
I walk out of the tavern.

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