[A] <Zénith> 10m Daytime Raiding 3-6pm EST

<Zénith> 10m raids are scheduled Monday to Thursday, 3pm to 6pm EST.
(9-12pm Europe GMT+1)

We are a small group active since Naxx/Ulduar, a mix of US daytime raiders and Europeans. We just transferred to US-PVE-Stormrage to find more players active during this time frame. Most of us are veteran raiders since vanilla or BC, who became more casuals but still like challenging game content.
We're currently 6/6 MSV 3/6 HoF 3/4 ToES.

1 Healer pref. with DPS OS: Priest or Shaman

Looking for mature and relaxed players, preferably with relevant raiding experiences or willing to learn and improve.
Casual daytime players and Europeans are also welcome to join us if our time frame is a good match for you too.

Add multiplepope#1478 for a chat, or guild officers in game: Chakhal, Bulletproof.
force et honneur
Domage un peux trop tôt pour moi, et j'ai adoré gladiateur !
bump for healers and ranged dps :D
Need 1 more healer and a ranged dps
Hi there,
Have you got any room for european tanks and dps? Me and two of my friends are currently on Bloodhoof (US) and perhaps we could move.
We are wanting to start on Mogu'Shan Vaults. We've all raided previously in old expansions.
Hi Priman

Sure you guys are welcome to join us. Other small groups contacted me asking the same questions, I supposed these could merge and form other teams. Or just help each other out when people are missing, but it seems we are all looking for healers.

Even if this is just temporary and you guys want to form your own guild at some point. We welcome all EU players.

Stay in touch
Bump need another solid healer
Still looking for a solid heals

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