Suggestions: Armory mobile app

Mobile Bug Report

Here are several suggestions for the app:

- add the option "Usable items" when browsing the Auction House (EX: very difficult to look for a pattern not known yet)

- optimize the mobile app for iphone 5 users

- is it possible to add an option "language" in the parameters? I don't know if many people are in my situation but my iphone is in French, and I would like it to remain this way for many reasons but I can't stand the Armory app in French, I am used to playing WoW in English. I tried to set up my iphone in English and the Armory app is automatically translated in English. Is there a way to keep the Armory app in English and the rest of the phone in another language?
Thank you for the suggestions. I've added them to my suggestion backlog. (iPhone 5 optimization will be available soon.)
Wondering if we could also add an in game mailing option to guild mates
This is in a list of suggestions that I maintain.
A counter to let you know how many posts you have made would be nice vs (a counter that lets you know how many posts you have left when you are down to ten posts) I think I would choose more wisely what to repost If I where to know where I'm at with the post cap, once you are down to ten theres really not much to choose from.
Oh n I also read here about the buying of gear and having the option of choosing if it is a usable item, that would be great as well.

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